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Choi Siwon is a hot dad

March 24, 2010 @ 8:00 pm
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Super Junior member Choi Siwon left a comment on the official SBS home page. This singer turned actor is currently appearing the drama Oh! My Lady as a top star named Sung Min Woo who has a handsome face to be an actor but lacks acting skills. On March 23rd, Choi Siwon left a thank you message to viewers through SBS's home page. Choi Siwon first wrote, "Foot acting? I'm top star Sung Minwoo," introducing himself in a playful manner. He continued, "With nervous feelings the staff and I watched the first episode. Now that the first episode has ended the only thoughts I had were to try even harder next time." The actor then expressed, "After reading the synopsis and the script, it sounded so fun that I really wanted to be in this drama so I am very happy that I was cast. This was a role I desired, and as long as I prepared and waited for this moment, I will show my improvement in transitioning as an actor." Meanwhile, on the second episode of Oh! My Lady which aired on March 23rd, Choi Siwon became a dad when his previous lover spontaneously handed over the child. The actor posted up pictures of him and his daughter Ye Eun and wrote, "Isn't our daughter Ye Eun cute? Please love Ye Eun a lot too." This drama sounds really interesting although it does sound like another love story. Be sure to catch Choi Siwon in his hot new role as an actor in Oh! My Lady.



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