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TVXQ / DBSK Xiah Junsu and Super Junior Eunhyuk are BFF's

November 22, 2008 @ 3:48 pm
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The Dong Bang Shin Ki boys are still promoting their albums by attending every talk show there is, which is really a fangirl Christmas if you ask me. Xiah Junsu was recently on the talk show, SBS' Intimate Note, where he was supposed to call a friend and solicit the words "You are my best friend." from him. Not surprisingly at all, Junsu called Super Junior's Eunhyuk, the two have been best friends since elementary school. The call did not go as smoothly as Junsu probably had hoped. Junsu asked Eunhyuk what relationship they have, to which Eunhyuk answered, "an older brother and younger brother relationship, and later co-worker friends." After some embarrassed laughs and recounts of their friendship on Junsu's part, he was finally able to extract the admission that "We are best friends." from Eunhyuk. These BFFs constantly mention each other on TV, it is very endearing indeed. Check out the phone call below. Video Credit: amirahd2b.

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