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MV & Album Reviews

[MV & Album Review] Rainbow - 'Prism'

Recently senior girl group Rainbow came back to the scene with "Whoo" off their new 'Prism' album. "Whoo" is a little more youthful and old-school in …

AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, February 16, 2016   17,060   3,917   11

MV & Song Reviews

[MV & Song Review] Double S 301 - 'Pain'

It's time to wipe away the tears and take a breath of relief as the long-awaited return of SS501 has come in the form of 3 with sub-unit group Double …

AllK_Maknae   Monday, February 15, 2016   8,174,096   4,302   9

MV & Song Reviews

[MV & Song Review] Taeyeon - 'Rain'

After letting her creative freedom shine through in "I", Taeyeon has returned boasting a new beautiful track for SM Entertainment's new 'Station' syst…

AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, February 2, 2016   27,080   16,640   25

Single Reviews

[Song Review] MAMAMOO - 'I Miss You'

MAMAMOO recently came back with "I Miss You"  during a time when K-Pop needed a buttery smooth R&B ballad. The song depicts the scenario of dealing wi…

AllK_Maknae   Thursday, January 28, 2016   16,296   2,994   11

MV & Song Reviews

[MV & Song Review] Anda - 'Taxi'

Anda, formerly known as Andamiro, is back with another single! Ever since leaving her previous label, her style has changed quite dramatically as the …

AllK_Maknae   Monday, January 11, 2016   7,644   1,449   16

Album Reviews

[Album Review] Dal Shabet 'Be Ambitious'

'Be Ambitious' seems to be an attempt to give the K-Pop consumers something a bit memorable by presenting us with what is arguably their most sexually…

eumag   Tuesday, June 25, 2013   10,198   7   19

Album Reviews

[Album Review] After School 'First Love'

After School has gotten away with murder—and by murder, I mean high levels of sexuality—in their choreography before, so I'm anticipating the results …

eumag   Monday, June 17, 2013   35,826   292   89

Album Reviews

[Album Review] SISTAR 'Give It To Me'

SISTAR, one of the major acts in K-Pop at the moment, not only released a new single, but also dropped an entire album: 'Give It To Me'. While I'm hea…

eumag   Saturday, June 15, 2013   31,417   33   146

Album Reviews

[Album Review] Henry Lau 'Trap'

Most young male soloists in K-Pop these days lean on a sexy image (Rain when he was active, Jay Park, 2PM's Wooyoung, JYJ's Junsu, Roh Ji Hoon) or an …

contagion   Wednesday, June 12, 2013   39,625   60   213

Album Reviews

[Album Review] MBLAQ 'SEXY BEAT'

MBLAQ still has the stigma of being known as "Rain's group" in Korea, even though Rain hasn't been involved with the group for a while. Rain's shadow …

contagion   Friday, June 7, 2013   22,247   44   108


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