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[Album and MV Review] EXO - 'Exodus'

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, April 1, 2015   65,737   33,824   231



March 30th, 2015


SM Entertainment


Call Me Baby

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Track List:

1. Call Me Baby
2. Transformer
3. What If..
4. My Answer
5. Exodus
6. El Dorado
7. Playboy
8. Hurt
9. Lady Luck
10. Beautiful

EXO are making their 'Exodus' from 2014 with a new album.
Following a year in the headlines -- not only for their record-breaking album 'Overdose' but also for legal troubles -- EXO are back again with their second concert tour 'EXO Planet #2 – The EXO'luXion' and their second LP 'Exodus.'

"Call Me Baby," a club-banger, takes a bit before it finally settles into its main melody. It was somewhat of a relief because I thought we almost had another "Wolf" on our hands. For a lead single, this has a lot going on (but then, again, when you have 10 members singing, that's not unforeseen).  Chanyeol's raps keep the time while Chen's voice spirals into falsetto far more than the others when they start each line. Danceable and catchy, it's definitely a lot of fun. 

"Transformer" chugs along, buoyed by raps by Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun. Bass beats, hip-hop styles, and crooning (especially by Suho and Baekhyun) make this track pop. A lot.

"What If..." is a ballad, but I thought it was sung in an interesting way. While a bit slow for my pace, the singing was remarkably fast-paced, like they were trying to pack a lot of thoughts into a 4-minute song.  There's tons of good eye imagery in here: 

The eyes that are too late, the eyes that lost you
I'm becoming more and more sorry,
looking at you with these kinds of feelings
(my heart looking at you)
And those are only a handful of optical references. No matter. It still felt fervent and earnest and kind of sad.

"My Answer" has acoustic piano; it's notably slower and more heartfelt than "What If..." It's a very minimalist piece, throwing the sextet's great voices into sharp contrast. What is their answer? "The answer is you."

The album picks up again with "Exodus." While it is largely a by-the-numbers tune, the lyrics really caught my ear:

This is all a dream, you're a cruel queen
Because you hid thorns behind that beauty
Dangerous Dangerous, She's so dangerous
Can't wake from this dream, it's blossomed inside
Still, because it is a standard boy band melody, it is definitely danceable and catchy. There's no stigma in standard as long as the quality is high.

The LP enters a different world with "El Dorado," following along a doppler-like synth riff. El Dorado is the legendary City of Gold, which was the dream and death of many a would-be explorer in the 16th and 17th centuries. Here, the boys compare the trials and tribulations of a relationship to El Dorado, the myth-shrouded city standing in for an OTP. They really kill it in the chorus and keep it exciting.

Smooth like butter is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing "Playboy." It takes a page from "What If...," packing a lot of syllables into a single line. Notably, SHINee's Jonghyun had a hand in arranging, composing, and writing the lyrics for the track.

"Hurt" is a body-moving track with lyrics that reflect (as if you couldn't guess) pain. Basically, his girl hurt him, but he can't forget her and still misses her. All this conspires to drive him mad. It's a club tune to be sure, but the happy, dance-around-the-room beat hides the "Hurt." There are some interesting squelching synths during the break that really pop, too.

It starts with a bass riff that sounds like an autotuned downpitched "bmmm," which we only hear hints of as the song progresses. It's a mid-tempo catchy tune composed and arranged by Andreas Stone Johansson (yes, the "Miracles in December" guy). The easily chantable lines ("Baby, Baby, Lady Lady Luck") are buried and infrequent, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome.

"Beautiful" is an ethereal and moving low-tempo song, not quite a ballad. It almost feels like you're sitting in gauze as you listen to the opening. It becomes more vigorous and urgent as the song progresses, using that rapid-fire vocal technique that they seem to love so much. The croons work well here and there's a hint of horns. Very soothing and skillful.

It's an album absolutely drenched in synth riffs that are both original and easy on the ears. While it doesn't have any killer tracks of "Overdose" caliber, it doesn't need 'em. There are tons of standout tracks here, and I can detect no filler.  Instead of just "Moonlight," you have "What If..." and "My Answer" to choose from, each with their unique feel. "Overdose," as a single itself, is a hard act to follow, but the songwriters have done an admirable job here, and EXO has taken the material and run with it as only they can.


As the video opens, we see Kai drive up in a hot sports car, and then sit on the hood and put his headphones on. The music starts up, and he starts to lipsync. Then, like clowns in a rodeo, suddenly Baekhyun, SehunSuho, and Xiumin pop up inexplicably in his car and are standing up, singing with him.

I'm probably in the minority, but I wouldn't be thinking, "Great! My friends are here to sing with me!" Instead, my greeting would go more like, "Get the heck off my car! You'll scratch the paint!"

After that, it's pretty much them dancing and singing in a car dealership. Kai is a living example of a fashion-don't as he dances around in what looks to be printed pajama bottoms. Plot? What's that?

That said, since I like the song, the video was easy to like. Whatever else can be said, those boys can dance! It was visually arresting to watch them dance in sync. I still would have preferred a plot, or at least some comedy, as it seems like they do this way too often. Still, I can't say I got bored watching.  

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MaeJun Friday, May 8, 2015

Please check out our dance cover for CALL ME BABY!!

Sharanghaexo Sunday, April 12, 2015

This album is perfectino

Quynh_Nhu Le Monday, April 6, 2015

wow i know it's preference but honestly in my opinion, this was their best album yet. this comeback is solid and was made with full effort so i wished this review was also less biased.

Bethbeez Sunday, April 5, 2015

Damn, just listen to the music, watch the dancing, enjoy K-pop! Don't get so wrapped up in worshiping the image, true or false, but entirely unknown, of the idols given to the public, it tarnishes the rest of K-pop. I do not want k-pop to become a religion, I wish it were a safe haven, the music, not the worshiping. Fans become so wrapped up in the images of their idols that they don't realize their idols are false, because I refuse to believe that what we are shown is the complete reality, but that is biased by my own personal experience because I know that there is no one that I would be that honest to, let alone 500,000 people who follow me around in life or through a camera. Maybe they do show their true personality, but how can you be satisfied worshiping something, or someone with such vague validity given through public media? I am not condoning any stalking actions. Really mind boggling, if that is what you need to be happy then I just simply don't understand. Worship does not leave room for anything else. Open minds are key, acceptance is key, I just don't understand this world sometimes, the anger, the violence, the hate, it's so screwed up. This writer has done what AKP has always done, given their opinion, if you are so close minded that you cannot accept another opinion besides your own then I really don't know what to say, partially because anything I say will be laced with my own bias on right or wrong. Aren't I judging and making my own opinions with every line I write? Yes, are you judging and forming opinions with every line that you read? We're all hypocrites by my line of thinking. We'll never be on common ground by opinions because all judgements are made based on our internal morals and those varying from person to person. I'm open to listening to other views of the world, if anyone is willing to tell me how their thoughts differ from mine, and I am not being sarcastic I really am open to other perspectives. In the end my statement is biased because I am automatically assuming that the music is the best part of K-pop, maybe people enjoy that false image more than the music, I don't know, I simply wish worship would not be a part of the equation, just happiness and enjoyment. ; Sometimes I wish one really could walk in another's shoes. As always, to each their own. Rant Over.

sooga Friday, April 3, 2015

NOT even close to 100% to AGREEING ON THIS REVIEW. BUT WHATEVER, IT HIS/HER PREFERENCE ANYWAY. to each his own, people. ;

infinitedream Thursday, April 2, 2015

why you only give 8.2?

elementsofmylife Thursday, April 2, 2015

This article was kind of half-assed tbh, and a bit biased too, all the writer did was shove pictures of the members in lmao ;

ukiss_exotic Thursday, April 2, 2015

wait what how did you think it would start off as wolf? ...

Loselly_Vins Thursday, April 2, 2015












Squidweird_T Thursday, April 2, 2015


Yueguang Thursday, April 2, 2015

None of the ballads come close to Moonlight, but I think Exodus, Hurt and El Dorado are some of the best songs in K-pop! I like all 3 more than Overdose, and i adored Overdose. All in all, a fantastic album!

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