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[Drama Review] 'Triangle' - Episode 13

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, June 18, 2014   4,922   1,089   8


June 18th, 2014



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Jung Hee catches up with Young Dal and they patch things up, although her grandmother cautions her not to get involved with him. Dong Soo arranges to visit his mother while Yang Ha gets reamed by his father, who is disappointed in his management techniques. Young Dal continues his plotting to gain power, which involves help from Madame Jang, the old pawnshop owner, Boss Min, and his elderly former cellmate. He also contacts Shin Hye, asking if there's a way to regain his memory and spends time with Jung Hee when he can while Yang Ha jealously watches.  Dong Soo targets one of the shareholders at Daejung Casino by blackmailing him. Yang Ha's father enlists Chairman Go to get rid of Dong Soo. When Young Dal checks in with the former detective, he sees the picture of their dad on the altar inside Dong Soo's apartment, which sparks something inside the young man. Young Dal undergoes hypnosis and remembers while Dong Soo seems to know now who the young man is...

My take:
I have an issue with Jung Hee's grandmother. The halmoni is all smiles on the outside, but apparently doesn't like Young Dal. I was interested when he was warmly greeted by her, his room kept for him at the insistence of Jung Hee. But this episode, she tells Jung Hee that she needs to get a man worthy of her because she has a good job. I'm hoping Jung Hee disregards her grandmother's words or maybe Young Dal can rise above this. For all of his faults, the writers want to paint him like a decent guy. I'm rooting for him.

Dong Soo stuns a Daejung Group shareholder in the elevator.

Dong Soo's
plan to bring down Daejung Group and avenge his father is working. As investors pull out, Yang Ha's father is forced to ask for more and more help. Daejung needs money, which is why the old man is key. He has funds that will help keep Daejung afloat. It is taking a toll on Dong Soo. He is disgusted with himself and his methods even though it is for a noble cause. He cries in front of Shin Hye, who drinks with him and offers support.  I love this plan as it's pretty well legal, well, except for the blackmail thing this episode. And it hits them where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

Young Dal's scheme is somewhat more complex than Dong Soo's. It looks as if he's not only working in concert with Dong Soo, but also working to further his own goals. He hits up Madame Jang for money (still being a partner in that illicit casino), solicits Boss Min's help in obtaining information on Daejung, goes back to work for the old pawnshop owner (as a cover), and enlists the old man for help in his bid for power. I'm not sure exactly how all this is supposed to come together, but it's fun to watch.

Already three sheets to the wind, Yang Ha reaches for another drink

Yang Ha is disintegrating before our eyes. His plans are thwarted, his father scolds him, and his intentions with Jung Hee are threatened by Young Dal's involvement. He throws things, he yells; it's obvious that stress is getting to him. What's amusing is he gives into his baser values. Rather than doing what's good for Daejung, he calls Chairman Go and again asks him to deal with Young Dal, likely to give him a better shot with Jung Hee.  Also fun to watch possibly because of the standard portrayals of chaebol life. The funny thing is, the more distant he is from his family, the more likely he will side with his brothers if that time comes.

There's nothing like scheming and plotting and more to keep a show interesting. I love seeing all the plans come together and then fall apart as they layer more complexity. What will happen with Young Dal's memory loss? Will more hypnosis help? How will Dong Soo and Young Dal fare against the power of Yang Ha and Daejung Group?  I can't wait to find out.

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jum_jum_da Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taser = Dong Soo's best friend

forget being manly, all you need is a little shock ;

musicallday Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love this drama!!

rafaelabezerra Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oh man, the Dalhee couple is the most boring couple that I watched in soaps and dramas; no chemical in them, no spark of love, the lines are so decorated that neither the hug scene moved me (the hug was awkwardly too, it seems that in an hour he will suffocate Junghee and in another scene his arms don't even touch her back right).

I know that at the end of the drama they will be together, but Junghee is so predictable. She has no perspective on life and just start thinking about something when someone forces her (when Yangha says she could win more things and then she thinks about it). A scene from episode 14, when she thinks of what Yangha told her that he will fight for her love, is proof that she is predictable. If she loves Youngdal as she say, why did she think in the words of Yangha in a way that seems she likes him too?

For me this episode was one of the most bland. Thankfully, the writers decided to focus more on the brothers in episode 14. Ahh the scene Yangha teaching Junghee playing poker was the most beautiful scene, for romance perspective, of the drama. They should focus more on them both. Youngdal has good scenes with Madam Jang and for me he could finished with her ^ ^

hanjivara Wednesday, June 18, 2014

what are you saying girl are you serious ?? "Yangha teaching Junghee playing poker was the most beautiful scene" ..'the hug scene was awkward '...and jj suit to Madam jang ??!! sure must be joking !!

rafaelabezerra Wednesday, June 18, 2014

@hanjivara no, I'm not joking. A large number of people also dislike Dalhee; in fact the only ones who enjoy Dalhee are Jaejoong fans who want that he gets the female lead in the drama, because in his past works he don't gets the woman he likes and is his first male lead character. And the viewers of the drama showed that the couple is not very popular; the episode 11 and12 from the last week ended with 6.2% in the ratings; the ep. 13 which focuses more on Dalhee fell and ended with 5.7%. The episode 14 that focused more on the brothers grew up with 2% and ended with 7,7%. The public wants to know more of the brothers and not the couple; if the couple were good episode 13 had an increase in ratings since we have the confession of Youngdal that he still loves Junghee, their hug and more longer date scene longer. And yes, I think Madam Jang would do a good partner with YD because even their scenes is always be with someone else, is much more exciting than the boring Dalhee couple. And if the couple were so good, scenes of them in episode 14 would be large and not reduced to only one shortly scene. But don't worry, this annoying couple will end together.

piashow Wednesday, June 18, 2014

@rafaelabezerra please xD a large number of people? where? in your imagination? LOL you are a poor delusional fan who is pressed cus Jaejoong is close with Baek Jin hee and they have a lot of skinship now. your nonsense is so obvious LOL so Young-Dal should finish with Madame Jang? what a romantic couple LOL of course you wish LOL cus you know Madame Jang is a married woman in real life lol so you doesn´t feel she is a real threat while you are so pressed about JJ and his skinship with Jinhee who is single. you only created an account to write this message LOL jealous so much?

rafaelabezerra Wednesday, June 18, 2014

@piashow Girl, delusional is you. I'm talking about Youngdal, NOT JAEJOONG. I don't care who he dates, what matters is his happiness. I loved PTB couple Namu, loved them and the scenes were very real and more romantic than Dalhee. I have this account for 2 years. Needless to argue with you. I do not like the couple of the plot is a simple fact that I did not like the couple and not the actress Jinhee (I loved watching her in 'Empress Ki'). Talking with you is a waste of my time and ratings do not lie: the couple did not appeal.

hanjivara Thursday, June 19, 2014

@rafaelabezerra I think i can't agree with you ,and this is the first time when I think that alot fans liked jaejoong in a couple compared to his previous drama and movies.after all this is just your own taste ,of course you can think as you wish .

The End



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