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Make Your Way to Korea University's International Winter Campus for an amazing K-culture experience!

By LorraineYe   Saturday, October 21, 2017   11,012   1,440   17



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Have you dreamed of going to Korea and performing your favorite K-Pop moves with new friends in a culturally immersive environment? Do you want to utilize your winter to its fullest and earn academic credits by listening to interesting, educational, and diverse lectures from renowned professors from all over the world?

The perfect opportunity awaits you at Korea University this Winter! Korea University is inviting foreign students to its 2017 International Winter Campus (IWC)!

As one of the most prestigious colleges in all of Korea, the Korea University IWC program has hosted a diverse group of students from all over the world. By participating in IWC, a dynamic and well-rounded foreign immersion and exchange experience are guaranteed! From K-Pop to Korean history, you have a chance to take part in all aspects of the learning experience!

During KU's International Summer Campus (ISC), 400 students were able to carry out one of the largest flash mobs in the heart of Seoul, Gwanghwamun Square by dancing to Twice's hit sensation 'TT'! All 400 students shared a passion for K-Pop and were able to learn one of their favorite dances from a distinguished K-Pop dance professional! Korea University gave these students the opportunity to practice their moves and by the time they had all mastered the dance in their free time, their flash mob turned out to be a huge success!

If the flash mob caught your eye, rest assured that Korea University's Winter Campus will hold a similar event to this along with many other K-Pop and cultural events for its students! From excursions to broadcasting stations where you'll go on a K-Pop tour and experience what your favorite stars do on a regular basis to getting a snapshot of what reality is really like in Korea through visiting business, economic, and cultural environments such as the head offices of Hyundai-KIA Motors and LG Electronics, students of this year's IWC will get a taste of all the great things Korea has the offer!

There are dozens of courses that students may opt to take including business and economics, humanities, history, law and international relations, science, fine art/design, Korean language and more. Worried that your Korean isn't up to par? Don't be! No prior knowledge of Korean is necessary to take these courses.

This program is currently open to students currently enrolled in university/college as well as high school students with outstanding academic performance.

Sign up now for an exciting and memorable winter abroad at Korea University's International Winter Campus! 

Submit your application and application fee before October 31, 2017, to get a discount of 100,000 KRW off your tuition fee!

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your dreary winter into the most memorable winter of your life at Korea University's International Winter Campus. 

For more information, you can check them out below!

KU ISC's official Website or through their social media accounts.





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