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Your Golden Opportunity to Attend Korea University Awaits This Winter!

By LorraineYe   Saturday, September 23, 2017   25,464   2,284   27



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The educational and culturally immersive opportunity of a lifetime begins this winter as Korea University opens its doors up again for foreign students to enter their 2017 International Winter Campus (IWC)! 

As one of the most prestigious colleges in all of Korea, the KU IWC winter program has hosted a multitude of students from all over the world. Additionally, this year's program has been split into not one, but TWO sessions that satisfy your craving for knowledge!

The first session is the academic track with a three-week program dedicated to gaining academic credit, intensive studying, and a comprehensive crash-course on the Korean language! Courses offered at KU IWC's first session include Korean Cinema and Visual Culture, Mass Media and Popular Culture, Computer Science, Strategic Management and much more! This is the perfect session for those yearning for knowledge and an exciting journey in a historically rich foreign country!

The second session is the cultural track of the same length in which students will be immersed into the vibrant Korean lifestyle! This is the perfect winter course for foreign students who love Korean culture! Students who opt for this session will be able to attend K-Pop tours where they will see their favorite stars perform, as well as learn from professionals on how to do the latest K-Pop dances! You'll even get to visit the Broadcasting Station where much of the recording is done!

There will even be an opportunity to experience the business and economic environment of Korea by visiting powerhouse conglomerates like LG Electronics and Hyundai-Kia Motors! As a student of KU's IWU program, you will have the opportunity to listen to distinguished scholars and interact with local notables such as the KU Basketball Team!

This program is currently open to students currently enrolled in university/college with at least one semester of attendance and a pre-college program is available for those freshly graduated from high school!

There are dozens of courses that students may opt to take including business and economics, humanities, history, law and international relations, science, fine art/design, Korean language and more. No prior knowledge of Korean is necessary to take these courses.

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your dreary winter into the most memorable winter of your life at Korea University's International Winter Campus. 

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For more information, you can check them out below!

KU ISC's official Website or through their social media accounts.





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