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Are you one of the many wondering about this fun video? Well, this is the performance by the K-pop dance class, which is one of the programs of the KU ISC field trip. You probably would have already heard of KU ISC multiple times because it is the most prestigious summer program in Korea!

Not so familiar with KU ISC? Not a problem at all. You can get the details down here.

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Let's just put the academics aside for today, and just talk about the FUN part. KU ISC contains a Free Friday Field Trip every week. Since school classes are from Monday to Thursday, you've got the whole Friday to yourself! And this weekly program allows you to experience Korean culture in a fun and unique environment. Among many, K-pop dance class is one of the programs, and I'm here to provide you with the full details of this class!

If you want the details of all the field trips, please click here.

Now, let's see how K-pop dance class goes during the summer program!

1. Visit DDP; the most visited tourist spot

 K-pop dance class will be held at DDP where you can feel the most of the Korean vibe. It's very close to our school, and there are tons of fun events that take place at this location such as the "Seoul Fashion Week", "Guerilla mini concerts", "Flea markets" and "exhibitions". Besides, DDP is the biggest shopping area in Seoul full of fancy shops and malls. We will be touring DDP before class starts.

2. K-pop Dance class

After the tour, we will be learning Kpop dance from a professional dancer at the DDP hall for one and a half hour. Last year, we'd mastered ''Cheer Up'' by Twice, and I'm pretty sure we will be learning the choreography of the hottest track again this year.

3. K-pop Dance performance

Right after the class, we will be holding a K-pop dance performance on the stage outside. Haha, I know. It might sound a bit intimidating but you don't need to be worried because your KU ISC buddies will be right there with you. Last year, about 200 students gathered and showed off their talents altogether. At the end, the students picked this activity as the most exciting and fun memory.

4. K-Live performance and experience

The last course of the K-pop experience class is watching the K-pop hologram concert. You will see the performances by PSY, G-Dragon, and much more with holograms!

So imagine yourself enjoying all of these fun activities from dance class to hologram concerts at KU ISC. What are you hesitating for?  Wanna join us this summer in Korea University?

* Application deadline: May 17

* Program period: 6 weeks - June 27 – August 3 / 4 weeks - June 27 – July 20

For more information, you can check them out here: 

KU ISC's official Website or through their social media accounts.





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julian09 Sunday, April 16, 2017

Great experience and I wish everyone could experience it as well!! apply if you can !

BngTnLvr Saturday, April 15, 2017


LittleSukie BngTnLvr Saturday, April 15, 2017

Same chingu,same :I

RedVelutionary BngTnLvr Saturday, April 15, 2017


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