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How to enjoy your summer at Korea University!

By allkfob.KG   Thursday, June 2, 2016   21,103   1,078   1



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Korea University

The deadline for Korea University's International Summer Program is now over and thanks to all the applicants! Particularly this year, over 2,000 students have applied, setting a new record!

For everyone who have decided to join KU ISC, can you picture to yourself what will happen once you settle down in Korea? Here's a simulation that shows just how much fun you can enjoy this summer!

Let's check out how the program will be running. 

Dorm check -in

Near the end of June, you will arrive at Korea University, located in the heart of Seoul. From June 25 at 9AM, your first day of dorm life will begin. I know things might be a bit different, but rest assured as the ISC staff members will be taking great care of you.


About 2,000 students, faculty, and ISC staff members will get together and celebrate the program's commencement. Like they do every year, Korea University has an established KU buddy program where a currently enrolled student will become your 'buddy' for the duration of KU's ISC and help guide you through the whole experience! 

Starting the program

2016 KU ISC embraces a global student body by offering the program for both International students and domestic Korean students. Each of students enhances academic knowledge through either 4 or 6 week program, along with the courses she/he has selected. Another fabulous opportunity that KU ISC would give out is the experiencing Korea's unique culture outside of the class room. All KU ISC students are invited to participate in field trips to places such as Gyeongbok Palace, Dongdaemoon DDP, and etc. Along with those one-day field trips, KU ISC also offers cultural immersion courses including Korean cuisine, instruments, and martial art. At the end of the program, you could tell yourself that you really navigated Korea.

For 4 weeks to 6 weeks, along with the courses you have selected, you will be experiencing an exciting summer. Participate in various field trips every Friday, being able to build new networks and expand your social circle.


After all of your hard work, there must be celebration at the end! There will be special recognition for outstanding students, testimonials, graduation cap toss, buffet, and various farewell events.

Can you feel this summer vibe? This is just a compressed version of your summer vacation at Korea University. Please feel free to share your plan on the KU ISC Facebook page! Hope you all have a great and wonderful summer full of unforgettable memories!

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Angelika90 Friday, June 3, 2016

Is this only for teens who are at the age of going to university or can also teens from high schools join ?