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Explore, Learn and Achieve at 2016 Yonsei International Summer School

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From our previous article, you will have a general idea about Yonsei University and its summer program. In this article, you will get to learn more details of things to do at Sinchon and Yonsei International Summer School.

Sinchon is the most vibrant and exciting college town in Seoul. There are three additional universities around the area: Hongik University, Ehwa Women's University, and Sogang University. With a rich array of facilities and activities, Sinchon creates a unique culture of its own and attracts the young population from around the city and around the country. There are plenty of good Korean restaurants in the neighborhood and a great shopping center for people who want to get some Korean goodies. In the summer, there are street performances almost every day, which is free and open for everybody. Also there are various festivals in the summer, and the most well-known annual festival is the Water Gun festival. Please refer to the photo below.

Doesn't that look fun?

The Yonsei campus itself is about 10-15 minutes walking distance from the main Sinchon street, so the dorms, lecture halls and studying places are quiet and the exciting sounds from Sinchon street will not disturb you when you need to study or work on your assignments.

The Seoul public bus station is located right in front of Yonsei's main gate and the subway station is also located at Sinchon street so it takes only a 10-15 minute walk from the campus. Seoul's public transportation system is quite nice thus you can easily travel to almost everywhere you want within the city.

There are some students who want to go beyond the academic and cultural experience and want some first-hand career experience. YISS also has two different types of internship programs such as corporate internship and research internship, and only YISS students are eligible to apply for it! Internship students take one academic course in the morning and do the internship in the afternoon. Please note that internship placement is not guaranteed.

2016 YISS also has various scholarship opportunities for our students. These scholarships can be duplicated, meaning you may get multiple scholarships! Please note that these scholarships will be awarded after the program is finished and may get cancelled when the student withdraws from the program. 

To find out more about YISS, please visit its official website (

▪Application Deadline: May 6(Fri)

▪Tuition payment Deadline: May 27(Fri)

Find: a new interest in over 100 courses and internship program

Explore: Korea with Yonsei University in the heart of Seoul

Learn: from 60 distinguished faculty members

Make: the best of your summer

Achieve: academic excellence

@ Yonsei International Summer School 

Click here for information. 

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kaeil007 Thursday, April 28, 2016

As someone who went to Yonsei for a summer I highly suggest it!  While the way I signed up was a bit of a headache, it was definitely worth it in the end and I made some great friendships with people around the world.