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[I'm LIVE] Introducing underrated artists of October 2017

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By allkfob.KG   Saturday, October 7, 2017   8,192   584   17



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Welcome to Arirang TV's series where we introduce various underrated artists from Korea to the international audience each month! 

With the help from Arirang TV's 'I'M LIVE' a Korean music program that introduces the authentic beauty of Korean contemporary music to the world, we hope to be adding diversity and possibly enlightening our international readers with the Korean music scene that has not yet been touched on.

Check out the round of I'M LIVE artists for this month below!

1. Heize

Joining us on the 13th episode of I'M Live is rapper and singer-songwriter Heize! Heize made herself known through the competition program "Unpretty Rapstar." She's particularly renowned for her emotional rapping skills combined with realistic and heartrending lyrics, which were inspired by her personal experiences. Now, she's now securing her spot as a vocalist as well.

For this episode of I'm Live, Heize performed some of her greatest hits, including "Shut Up and Groove," "And July," "Star," and "Don't Come Back" accompanied by singer-songwriter Dean and dozens of her fans.

2. G.Soul

G.Soul made himself known to the public at the tender age of 13 through a talent-search show. He pleasantly shocked everyone with his outstanding talents but had to endure many years until he made his debut in 2015. To no one's surprise, the musician has been wowing everyone with his soulful vocals and versatile music with elements of R&B, deep house, jazz, and reggae since his debut, as if quenching his thirst for music. Recently, G.Soul joined the hip-hop label H1GHER Music, founded by Jay Park, making us anticipate his synergy with the label.

On this episode of I'M Live, G.Soul shows off his versatile qualities and impressive stage manners with some of his all-time greatest hits, including "Dirty," "Excuses," and "Love Me Again." Also, the artist had a fun-filled Q&A session with the audience.

3. Lee Jin-ah

Lee Jin-ah mesmerized the public right from the beginning with her one of a kind voice and exceptional jazz piano performances. On this episode, the artist delights the ears and souls of the audience with her representative hits like "Could You Slow Down, Time?" "Random," "Yum, Yum, Yum," "Everyday" and "Stairs," decorating a beautiful, jazzy night in Seoul. Also, Lee Jin-ah holds a fun-filled Q&A session with the audience to display her cute yet genuine qualities.

4. Geeks

Geeks mesmerized the public right from their debut in 2011 with their remake of Tamia's legendary hit "Officially Missing You." known for their sentimental rapping style and relatable lyrics, the duo secured a solid fan base in both underground and mainstream circles.

On this episode of I'M Live, Geeks performs their all-time greatest hit "Officially Missing You," along with "Woo," "Fireworks" and "Troubles Travels" from their recently released second studio album. Tune into the video below and let Geeks melt your soul!

5. 10CM

10cm is one of the most representative bands in Korean indie circles known for their delightful yet sneaky and lame lyrics combined with sweet acoustic music. Thanks to the band's strong mass appeal, 10cm enjoys mainstream popularity beyond the indie scene. Originally a duo, 10cm recently became Kwon Jung-yeol's one-man band after the departure of guitarist Yoon Cheol-jong and came up with its 4th studio album after a break of 3 years.

On this episode of I'M Live, 10cm performs a set of its hit songs, including "Stalker," "What the Spring??" and "Caress" along with some tracks from its newest album, delighting the ears and souls of countless people. Tune into the video below and feel the excitement!

6. Kiha and the Faces

Known for their electric and undeniably fun genre blend combined with Jang Ki-ha's trademark, complex tapestry of spirited accents and articulations, onomatopoeias, and sassy inflections, this band has been maintaining their reputation as a legendary icon of the Korean indie scene since their debut.

On this episode, Kiha and the Faces performs some of their all-time greatest hits, such as "The Moon is Waxing," and "A Sort of Relationship," as well as songs from their 4th studio album, "Who's Good At their Own Love?" including "LOL," "The Smell's Gone" and "You Shouldn't Have Done That." Tune into I'M Live and let the band amaze your soul with their impressive, seasoned musicality!

7. Life And Time

As the band name implies, this trio depicts life and time through their music. The band is comprised of the members of two of the most exciting acts in the Korean rock scene: bassist Sun-bin from The Koxx and guitarist Jin-sil from Loros, and drummer Sang-wook as well. In contrast with their simple instrumentation - guitar, bass guitar and drums - they bring a wide amount of complexity to into each track. Also, the band was crowned the Asian Champion at the Hard Rock Rising 2017 last May, making a name for themselves in the global rock scene.

On this episode, the trio displays the quintessence of their musicality with songs like "Tiger," "Life," and "Flower," among others. Tune into this airing of I'M Live and fall in love with their progressive, psychedelic and philosophical music!

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