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[K-indie Spotlight] Indie artists of November 2016

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Welcome to our fourth edition of our 'K-indie Spotlight' series in 2016 where we introduce various independent artists in Korea each month!

With the help from 'Onstage [K],' a Korean indie music program that introduces the authentic beauty of Korean contemporary music to the world, we hope to be adding diversity and possibly enlightening our readers with the Korean music scene that has not yet been touched on.

Check out the round of talented K-indie artists for November 2016 below!

1. Jerry. K

Jerry. K was the original and last member of the hip hop label Soul Company. Upon the disbandment of the label, he established a new independent label Daze Alive in 2011 and has been raising his voice on various social issues with his albums and EPs.

Jerry. K's music isn't as extravagant as the majority of hip hop music these days. However, his music genuinely touches listeners. This rapper depicts society and love with his music, and his hope for peaceful life is clearly displayed in his music. Let's meet this genuine rapper in this edition of ONSTAGE K.

2. 2nd Moon

2nd Moon is an ethnic fusion music band comprised of guitarist and mandolinist Kim Hyun-bo, bassist Park Jin-woo, keyboardist and accordionist Choi Jin-kyoung, drummer and percussionist Baek Seon-yeol, violinist Jo Yun-jeong and guitarist Lee Young-hoon. This band began receiving mainstream attention with various drama soundtracks, such as "Ireland" and "Princess Hour," and also won critical acclaim with their first album, "2nd Moon" (2005). After a 10-year break, the band returned to the industry with their second album, "How Have You Been?" and are currently pursuing various activities with the gugak project "Pansori - Chunhyang-ga." Let's learn more about this fabulous band on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

3. Tama Rhodes

Tama Rhodes is an electronic musician who appeared in the music industry in 2007 with his first EP, "Swingin' Lounge Midnight Club." Known for his signature electronic sound with strong elements of acid jazz, soul and lounge music, the musician took part in various game and production music projects. Then in 2013, Rama Rhodes released his first full-length album, "Alone After Midnight," and is currently working on the first album of his new band LAZMOD with DJ Majik Cool J. Armed with both critically-acclaimed musicality and mass appeal, Tama Rhodes offers an easy yet serious approach to electronic music, truly diversifying Korean popular music.

4. Lee Doo-heon

Lee Doo-heon made his debut as the guitarist and songwriter of the band Five Fingers in 1983 through the TV show "March of Youth." This band is considered one of the most iconic figures of the 1980's with their lyrical music and friendly qualities, as opposed to the majority of the bands of the time such as Deulgukhwa and Sinawe. The band's first album, "Five Fingers I," is listed on 100 Greatest Korean Albums of All Time with many timeless classics like "Early Morning Train," "Red Roses on Wednesday," and "Balloons." Upon the disbandment of Five Fingers, Lee Doo-heon went to the U.S. to study and has been pursuing his career as a solo artist since he returned to Korea in 2000. Active as a producer, musical director, and professor, Lee Doo-heon is continuing his beautiful legacy. Let's learn more about this musician on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

5. Yaya

There are two contrasting views of Yaya's music; people either love it or hate it. Tackling a wide range of genres of music ranging from rock, electronic and classical music under the theme of "night and darkness," she takes us to a whole new world of music. Let's learn more about this musician on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

Yaya is a singer-songwriter, producer and the general artistic director of her music. She made herself known back in 2010 as the winner of the Hello Rookie Competition and released her first album, "Circus," in 2011, critically acclaimed second album, "Cruel Picture," in 2013, and new single, "Una Belleza Torpe En El Amor" very recently. Thanks to her unique and versatile musicality, she became the first Asian artist to have signed with ChinChin Records.

6. Dead Buttons

The rock and roll band Dead Buttons conveys their youthful spirit and energy using the gift of nature - youth. Their music takes strong influence from American rock 'n' roll with a strong contemporary feel, which is receiving a favorable response both at home and abroad.

The band is comprised of drummer and vocalist Lee Kang-hee and guitar and vocalist Hong Ji-hyun. They released the first EP, "Whoever You Are," in 2014 and the first full-length album, "Some Kind of Youth," in January this year. Also, they signed with the British record label Baltic Records and constantly take part in various top international music festivals around the world. Let's learn more about this band on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

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