Yoona - Grazia - "Miss Zero Negative Criticism"

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    Yoona - Grazia - "Miss Zero Negative Criticism"



    It's Eman. Your resident Yoona fanboy here to bring you more Yoona cheer.

    In this edition Yoona interviews for Grazia China - Vol. 339.

    It's a long and great read.

    Let's do this.


    [TRANS] Yoona Interview - Grazia China - Vol. 339 Issue

    (1) EDITOR'S NOTE:

    [Text Start]

    The successful story of “Miss zero negative criticism”, Lim YoonA

    Editor note: If you search “Lim YoonA” on Zhihu (T/l note: It is a Chinese Q&A website where users can create and answer questions), one of the topics that has the highest participation level is, “Why is Lim YoonA so likeable?” The answers include, zero bad angle god-like face, extremely driven, zero scandal. Negative criticism? It is non-existent. To search for an answer, we made a special trip to Seoul. Make a guess how she responded us?

    Meeting Lim YoonA again in Seoul after a year and a half, (we notice) there are many changes in her: her hair is shorter, she is thinner, and, her Chinese gets even better! I remembered the year before last when during the shoot in Shanghai, she suddenly used Chinese and asked the photographer “Is it like this?” which gave us a shock. This time round, the translator that accompanied us for the interview has practically become a decoration purpose, she understood 80% of the Chinese questions we asked her, only when she met with really complicated (terms), then will she bite her lips, do some hand signals and look at the translator unnie with a confused face. Her answers too, initially she spoke in Korea but when she got engrossed into the conversation, she even mocked her long hair that she kept for 8 years in Chinese saying, “Quickly, quickly cut it!”

    The reason why she was anxious to cut her hair short is because her hair got damaged from the long-term dyeing and exposure to heating equipment, so she was left with no other choice. Unexpectedly, her visuals rose to an even higher level after cutting, there was flowing praises from netizens saying, “Is there any hairstyle that Lim YoonA cannot pull off?” The previous day at the Max Mara Coats! Seoul exhibition which was held to celebrate 66 years of the brand’s history, YoonA wore the latest Seoul series and looks really elegant. During the shoot that day, from short hair with nude makeup, to smokey makeup, red lips with updo hair; from innocent student look, cool and young lady, to charming woman and chic goddess, YoonA pulled off every look naturally and effortlessly. Zooming YoonA’s face up to 5 times on the monitor screen, the fashion editor can’t help but to express amazement, “This visual, there is really no where I can find a flaw!”

    When we did a detailed calculation, YoonA has already been in the entertainment industry and in the public eye for 10 years. She doesn’t really pay attention to numbers, neither does she like to look back at the past intentionally. She only came to realisation “Ah! It has already been 10 years.” when she was asked about her thoughts of her 10 years debut in the beginning of last year. Inevitably, we asked her the same question. She gave it a serious thought and said she feels more relaxed now, “In the past, there are a lot of times when I actually feel awkward and shy deep inside while doing things. But now I feel more and more proficient and I found my own style.” For example, when she first debuts, she was so nervous that she did not know where her hands should be placed while taking photos, right now dressed in a black hugging dress she is able to get herself into the condition instantly, facing the camera confidently. However, she felt it is still insufficient, “I am the type that is very strict with myself and will work hard for it. I often have thoughts that doing to this extent is not enough and that I can do even better than that.”

    Last year, Lim YoonA won her first ever movie-related award because of ‘Confidential Assignment’, Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Female Actress, YoonA’s face lit up with joy upon the mention, “(I am) especially happy, it is a thing that got me really excited! A lot of people said they saw my transformation, I gotten praise from amazing sunbae-nims and fans so I was really heartened.” Before she finished her line, she shook her head again and said softly in Chinese, “It is still not enough, actually I still aren’t very satisfied with my performance. It seems like I will have some form of regret left after filming for each project. However, there is room for improvement when there are some regretful parts!” She named this movie as the turning point of her acting career, after watching Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin and other sunbaes acting at the filming set, there is a burning desire to do even better in acting, “How should I do so that I can portray my emotions better? How should I play in order to bring all the different characters to life?” Her standards towards taking up roles also changed, “What kind of development to be expected from filming this project, what kind of different image can I present to the viewers are things that will be in the top of my considerations.” Despite in a resting period now, she has not once stop looking through scripts, hoping to find roles that are ‘interesting’ and ‘closer to her real-life personality’.“I want to improve my Chinese skills”, “I want to take part in song composing more”, “I want to be able to understand fashion more”, Lim YoonA subconsciously mentioned it during the interview. There was once Korean media commented on her as ‘Someone with high popularity and experience and despite already at a very high position, she is still very positive and hardworking, never slacking off.’ Fans also referred her as the ‘role model’, reason being that even while she is acting, she did not fall behind in singing, MC, fashion, various areas, her working capability is practically flawless. Last year she also delivered a pretty outstanding result – Other than acting in movie ‘Confidential Assignment’, drama ‘The King In Love’, participating in SNSD activities, she managed to squeeze some free time out of her busy schedules to release her second solo song ‘When The Wind Blows’ and even took part in writing Chinese and Korean lyrics of it. In the latter half of the year, she picked up the mic and became the MC for Busan International Film Festival which she earned praises for, and she was active in various big fashion activities. Last year, she is also the Korean female celebrity that graced the most Korean fashion magazines’ covers. Before we could even finish narrating all the facts, Lim YoonA couldn’t hold back and started saying, “I didn’t know I achieved so much!” She carries on in a serious tone, “I would like even more to become someone who do well and with sense.”

    Almost forget that she is also a young girl who is living the life! Despite her packed schedules, Lim YoonA will also seek out time to meet her friends for meals and update each other on their lives. When she has more time, she will pick up her luggage without hesitation and tour around the world. A while back, she and her family went to 4 countries in Eastern Europe after wrapping up ‘The King In Love’ promotional activities. She did the travel itinerary herself, along the way, checking out shops that are popular on the internet, visiting museums, eating local delicacies, her trip was fascinating, “It is too beautiful there, and so much freedom! The food is really good, however I also did look for Korean cuisine to eat, hahaha.” She treats learning Chinese as a hobby, insisting to go for Chinese lessons, and she is currently watching Chinese variety shows ‘The Birth of An Actor’ and ‘The Inn’. Oh yes, she loves doing manicure too, her recent manicure theme is New Year, “I want to do something more shiny, and nails that are of vivid bright colours!”

    In a certain voting by Korean entertainment reporters, Lim YoonA came in the top 3 of ‘Most Likeable Female Celebrity’ with high votes, the reason is simple, ‘Visuals, aura, personality and attitude are all of top level’. It is said that over the past 10 years, reporters have never seen her not managing herself, she is always all smiles when they meet her, bright and positive when receiving interviews or recording shows. Off screen, staffs who worked with her all praise that she is kind and considerate. SNSD members can’t find a flaw of her, she has almost always maintained ‘zero negative criticism’. After hearing these she laughed shyly, “Of course I do have flaws! But… the flaws that I thought of now isn’t that good, so I can’t reveal it.”

    [Text End]

    (2) INTERVIEW:

    [Text Start]

    Caught a ‘coat’s fan’ girl!

    Grazia: What are your thoughts after watching the Max Mara coats exhibition this time round?
    YoonA: The exhibition showcases the different kind of coats from the 1950s to now, I find it especially meaningful. The most memorable one for me is the Seoul series that I wore to the opening event of the exhibition, it looks smart and classic.

    Grazia: Are you a big fan of coats?
    YoonA: Yes! I like it a lot. I have around 10+ coats in my wardrobe.

    Grazia: What kind of coats do you like?
    YoonA: I like the clean and neat looking types. I like long coats a lot too. I will fall in love at first sight if the design and colour are unique.

    Grazia: On the normal days, what would you choose to match when you wear coats?
    YoonA: I like to wear high neck tops. Because I have more coats that on the longer side, I would wear boots with low heels, sports shoes or leather shoes to match.

    Grazia: Fashion wise, are you someone who is mindful of the details?
    YoonA: Compared to details, I pay more attention to the overall vibes. How to match, whether it suits me, whether it looks comfortable, is it appropriate for the event I am heading to, these are the questions that I will consider more.

    Grazia: I heard that you are a perfectionist, to what extent would you be strict with yourself?
    YoonA: It is like this. Sometimes, people around me will praise that I did pretty well or even really well, but from my point of view, I always feel that I am lacking. Perhaps my judging criteria are different from others. And during times like this, I will persuade myself to believe what people around me said and follow their judgement.

    Grazia: What would you do if you are given 3 days of break?
    YoonA: Eating and chatting with friends!

    Grazia: How about a week?
    YoonA: Go travelling!

    Grazia: What about a month?
    YoonA: Ah ha, still travelling!

    Grazia: How do you feel after your vacation to Eastern Europe?
    YoonA: I feel carefree, the atmosphere was really good. Also, it was a vacation with my family, so we spent a very beautiful time together and created a lot of precious memories.

    Grazia: Imagine if there is an exhibition with Lim YoonA as the theme, what content do you think it should have?
    YoonA: The appearance that the public see me as, SNSD Lim YoonA. Also, the Lim YoonA that only me and people around who are very close to me know and understand.

    [Text End]

    Source: MyStarMyAngel

    Emanresu Comment:

    I'm proud of her advancement in Chinese. Particularly as I know how first hand how hard it is to learn. I took several semester of Mandarin in college and I've pretty much forgotten most of it. That Yoona has worked and shined in her ability to converse in Mandarin is impressive, given her already packed schedule.

    I particularly loved the editor's comment that detailed their experience meeting Yoong and talking with her. And the comments describing why Yoona is so loved hit home with me. As I've said over and over again, Yoona's particular draw is more than just her beauty and work as an idol and entertainer. Her ability to function as a role model and aspiration figure, in a way that many of her peers do not, makes her a special figure within the industry. Very few attain that kind of status. Yoong seems to do it effortlessly, and always with her trademark brightness and humility.

    We love you Yoong. Keep on shining.


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    That photoshoot is so beautiful
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    She seems down to earth and that photo looks really natural, never liked her because I thought she was a show off and all but, doesn't seem like I was right. Thanks for posting.
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    I love that pic, its easily my favourite in the photoshoot but I have to brag about how stunning she looks in the pic I put in my dp:p
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    It is! It shows a different side to her!
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    That's the great thing about Yoona.

    Pick a pic any pic.

    Then brag.

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    This is a really nice article to read, and I'm referring to the details they focused on, types of questions they asked, points of observation they picked out etc. Not the 'pushy' privacy-invading kind of news, nor the shallow flattery and news we already knew and are so general that they're literally a template that could be re-used for the next article's artist. I like this article, because it reveals more about Yoona as an individual rather than a subject of a brand name, and we hear quite a bit of elaborated answers from her too :)

    But seriously she amazes me every time. How is she so... disciplined? Everything planned out step by step, details analysed, constant determination to do better than her current self and take up new challenges. Wow :O

    And yet, she also got that balance of work-life factored in. She's playful and has fun when she gives herself a break, remember to catch up with old friends and fam, but still, always scouting for a potential next project while enjoying and letting loose.

    If I can be just 30% of how she is.... damn. :omgr:

    Y'all I can't believe it's been 7 years and I'm still writing long ass swooning messages about my idol like I just never and can't ever get tired of her?? :loverr2:

    @emanresu10 indeed a nice read hehe I read the entire thing, thanks for tagging!
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    Beautiful Yoona
    Beautiful photos
    Beautiful message
    Beautiful thread.
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    I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    I thought you would.

    Don't feel bad about liking her for so long and never getting tired of her.

    I'm right there with you (10 years and counting).

    Here's to our addiction!

    May we never be cured!
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