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    source: http://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2017/11/yasutaka-nakata-interview

    interesting parts (to me) from the interview

    Zedd is looked at as one of the better, for lack of a better term, EDM DJs in the world. I feel a lot of your recent work has featured elements commonly associated with that music. What do you draw from EDM?

    Music genres are like school rules. You can break the rule, but it’s better to not be aware of the rule at all. I break these rules all the time, but I am not conscious that I am doing so. I just naturally know where I want to go. I think if you just follow rules completely, you end up in a box. You will never get out from that genre. You get stuck with other artists. I try to not follow existing rules, but rather go my own way.

    Let’s talk about your J-pop projects. How has your approach to making songs for Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu changed in the last five years?

    Right now, the hardest part of being a producer is having them ask me to create a song that can achieve the same results as things I’ve done in the past. At the time, like in 2007, nobody expected results from me. So I could go out and try something new, experiment. But now it’s really difficult for me to do something I’ve never done before with these projects.

    If there are ten people in the room, and you play them a song and most of them can’t agree on it, I believe it’s more important to follow the most confident person in the room’s opinion. For example, take Perfume’s newest song, “If You Wanna.” I tried something new on that one. I got a lot of reactions from people saying, “I’ve never heard something like this before,” or “This isn’t like what you did in the past.” But I also got a message from Porter Robinson saying that this new song is really good. I said, “Yeah, I agree.” [laughs] But hearing that, and having two producers agree on it, that’s all I need.

    Perfume - If You Wanna
    But I do have to find a balance. Sometimes I’ll do things I’ve touched on before. But other times, try something new. I try to see reactions from all around and find a balance.

    You did a song earlier this year with Charli XCX and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu called “Crazy Crazy.” How did all of that come together?

    This one actually came together differently than how I normally make music. Usually when writing a song, I’m less concerned about the meaning of the song and more interested in how the words sound with the music. But the bulk of “Crazy Crazy” is in English. So I sent Charli XCX a message while putting it together, kind of outlining what kind of rhythm and sound I wanted the words to convey. That’s like my own mysterious language. [laughs] But then I let Charli make the actual lyrics in English. It helped that she’s an accomplished singer/songwriter in her own right. I can trust what lyrics she will come up with, because a singer/songwriter like that is good at turning noise into words.
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    i always like hearing the thoughts of creators
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