yamaguchi maho's message to fans at her last handshake

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    Thank you for having come to the handshake event.

    When the moment came to take part to this one handshake event,
    I also felt a sense of uneasiness at first,
    but being able to talk again directly with all you fans after so much time
    felt so happy and enjoyable,
    that it became spontaneous for me to be brimming with smiles.

    There are memories that I share with each single one of the fans,
    and upon thinking that such a time is about to come to an end already,
    it meant that simply looking at their faces
    made all these memories I had so far flash around before my eyes, like a carousel
    and at the same time tears started flowing out, too.

    It has been an extremely distressing 5 months,
    but at the end, I could think how
    "It's exactly for this day that I am being alive for".
    This is how much blissful it was to get to meet and talk again with you all.

    A handshake session only works thanks to the people who are kind enough to come an meet someone else.

    There's not only the time spent actually meeting with me,
    but also all the time spent to come all the way here to meet with me.

    There's people who spared some of their own time to come here to me, although being busy,
    people who used their time to come her to me from very distant places,
    and among them, even people who every single time would travel here to me from abroad.

    Behind these 10 seconds of time allowed per ticket,
    there are actually so many hours spent coming all the way here,
    I find that a handshake event also consists of even that part.

    The time we get to meet is just an instant,
    but the memories about this meeting last a lifetime.

    What a splendid place it is,
    a handshake event where I would be able to meet with such a great number of people in a single day.

    At the end, after having had the opportunity of talking with everyone directly,
    I couldn't help thinking
    "So, it's to get to known everyone of those fans that I had become an idol"

    Thank you for having found me,
    and for having been kind enough to come and meet me.

    Thank you for having grown to like me,
    and for having become fans of mine.

    It makes me feel fortunate that you have got to know me,
    and cheered on for me.

    I'll work towards my dreams,
    so that we'll get to meet once again someday.

    Until the graduation theater show. See you again.

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