XUM ; "DDALALA" MV ; Comeback (former NeonPunch) ; 2020.10.23

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    XUM 썸 ; "DDALALA" Making History (Clips , 4 min 40 secs) ; 2020.03.18 - 2020.09.22
    (*Interesting* ; Shows a 'Start to Finish' Progression of Events)

    XUM 썸 ; "DDALALA" ; OFFICIAL Debut MV ; 2020.09.22
    (Note: XUM are all past NeonPunch members , same A100 Agency)

    XUM 썸 ; "DDALALA" ; Relay Dance (Studio) MV ; 2020.10.05
    (Backup Dancers get Nice Featuring too)

    XUM 썸 ; "DDALALA" ; Dance NIGHT Version MV ; 2020.09.26

    XUM 썸 ; "DDALALA" ; Dance DAY Version MV ; 2020.09.26

    XUM Group ; Info (KR Hangul Language)

    NeonPunch Group ; Info
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    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Music Bank) ; 2020.10.23
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Inkigayo) ; 2020.10.18
    (Note: Above INKIGAYO Performance seems a *good* one for XUM , Fashions too)
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Music Bank) ; 2020.10.16
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Arirang) ; 2020.10.15
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Show Champion) ; 2020.10.14
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , The Show) ; 2020.10.13
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Music Bank) ; 2020.10.09
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Arirang) ; 2020.10.01
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Music Bank) ; 2020.09.25
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Mcountdown) ; 2020.09.24
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , Show Champion) ; 2020.09.23
    XUM ; "DDALALA" ; (Live , The Show) ; 2020.09.22



    *** This TRANSLATION to ENGLISH via GOOGLE from me , is a bit *suspect*
    *** But , it is say 95% 'spot on' accurate ... And the overall 'feel' on it seems valid (to me).
    *** I 'cleaned it up' as best that I can do it ... All Positive ... Nobody is getting Slandered.

    [BNT Interview] AGAIN, XUM (Part 1 of 2) 'Dreaming within an Emergency (COVID-19)'
    [Reporter Kim Chi-yoon] ... (Scroll Down for English Language Translation via Google)

    --- Photos with the BTN Article , URL above
    --- Photos with the BTN Article , URL above

    (Begin Part 1 of 2)

    The field (segment) where that the Corona-19 Virus has most affected in the Entertainment industry
    is by far the Music industry. Excluding broadcasts, singers are basically meeting people, which is
    the basis of all schedules. Fan meetings at home and abroad are possible only when you meet the fans. And any event at home and abroad is possible only when you meet the public. Opportunities to inform themselves and to earn income are inevitably reduced significantly in the CoronaVirus era,
    where contact is the (required) basis.

    Still, the first half was on the good side. In the second half of the year, celebrities, staff, etc. were judged as 'confirmed' or classified as 'contact' (possibly exposed to COVID-19). And there were instances where activities were restricted. Baek-ah, Da-yeon, and Ia-an, who were preparing for their debut with XUM (Group), were classified as 'contact' with a confirmed patient in mid-August 2020. The end of August, which was originally scheduled as the time of debut, was inevitably changed. At that time, the (COVID-19) spread across the (S.K) country and was also growing significantly. And since the comebacks of very prominent singers were (delayed , and thus) gathering, the relatively low-profile (XUM Group) debut date, changed to the end of September was also full of variables. Luckily, XUM's A100 Agency was swayed, and XUM Group made a re-debut on the 24th Sept.

    After debuting with 'MOONLIGHT' song in 2018, NeonPunch aimed to take a leap by adding members. But had to take a long break due to successive incidents. Member withdrawal (from NeonPunch) and announcement of suspension of activities, changed everything including members, team names, and style. The three people, Baek-ah, Da-yeon, and Ia-an, are starting to move on under the name XUM (Group). Unlike the days of NeonPunch, where there was a strong rhythmic feeling in a refreshing atmosphere. XUM's debut song 'Ddalala' is a song that borrows from the Jersey Club genre that originated in the eastern United States. And a dark atmosphere that is difficult to see in existing K-pop Idol music. In particular, there is a 'dark aura' , which makes it hard to believe that this song was made by Shinsadong Tiger, who has mainly shown retro and fun songs. XUM (Group) members Baek-ah, Da-yeon, and Ia-an are now energized and have rediscovered themselves.

    Debut (NeonPunch), suspension of activities after adding members, long hiatus, and finally (XUM) re-debut. There has been enough drama. XUM's Baek-ah, Da-yeon, and Ia-an are ready to spread their wings and fly high like their group name.

    (Q: Please introduce the group ???)

    XUM = (X)umthing (U)nlimited (M)ovement ... As the name suggests, it is a group that will shine on the stage with a powerful performance. We also want to show constant development. We want to show you a 180-degree difference from NeonPunch. We want to show quality and energetic performances for our public (fans).

    (Q: The style of XUM Group songs and performances changed completely. What is the trigger ???)

    Da-yeon said --> We (XUM) want to attract attention. We want to do it as only XUM could do. The 'Jersey Club' style came about after careful consideration. There are many hip-hop elements. We want to clearly imprint a modifier for hip-hop as '(hip-hop + sexy)' by adding a sexy charm.

    Baek-ah said --> XUM's song is a strong, sensual, attractive 'Girl Crush' concept. I wanted to do it. It was before the lyrics came out, I heard the demo song, and my body reacted positively, at first listen.

    Ia-an said --> Before this debut song came out, I practiced a lot with various concepts. I didn't choose anything hip or cute. But I have decided that a good fit is hip-hop. It was really good to listen to it loudly (song). I watched the videos of other singers with powerful stages such as Chung-Ha (Solo) and Hwa-Sa (Mamamoo). Fans have suggested that Baek-ah and I (Ia-an) will be more powerful
    than ever. And also that Da-yeon and I should emphasize the communication of sensual charms.

    (Q: Since last year, there have been more (K-pop Group) teams making their debut again ...
    Interestingly, the stage changed from 'Innocent and Fresh' to 'Girl Hip-Hop' , which
    emphasizes energy ... What style aspects did XUM throw away (from NeonPunch)
    and what remaining aspects were reinforced ???)

    Da-yeon said --> I tried a lot to define that aspect (style changes). There was active interaction
    with our A100 Agency. We talked a lot about Ia-an's styling options , and how each member
    could stand out more. If it was a funky stage in the past (NeonPunch), now there is more focus
    on a 'coolness' style.

    Baek-ah said --> I wanted to do a more 'cool and hip' concept that I could believe in it.

    (Q: The chorus choreography of Verse 1 and Verse 2 is different. What did you try to express ???)

    Da-yeon said --> Verse 1 is about 'high excitement' , Verse 2 is more a 'complete party' notion.
    The (song) practice itself was so much fun.

    Baek-ah said --> In Verse 1 , hopefully you wonder 'Who Are These Song and Dance Eye Treats ???' ...
    In Verse 2 , you discover 'Oh , This is XUM' ...

    Ia-an said --> Verse 1 shows a little bit of fashion, while Verse 2 shows XUM as more dancers ...
    In particular, when moving from Chorus to Bridge, the Members and Dancers line up in a 'V' shape
    with me (Ia-an) as the center. And the part where we lean back in a 'domino fall' is the best part.

    (Q: With the (song) Bridge, the beat seems difficult to dance. The beats are demanding and often
    seem challenging. What was the most difficult thing when practicing this choreography ???)

    Dayeon said --> The choreography style was very different from the NeonPunch days. The song was fast.
    I wasn't used to it. Should I say that it is a choreography with motion being of primary importance?
    It created respect with me for the choreography team. Bonding occurred. I was motivated to master this.

    Baek-ah said --> It was difficult to match the beat because it was a new genre for us. The beat was strong from start to finish, so I put out a lot of effort. From the past, I really wanted to do a choreography that makes use of the movement theme. I thought it was cool as I tried. The movement is big and intense, so I really exercised a lot. I also want to (future) upgrade myself with a custom diet dance (laughs).

    Ia-an said --> The song is fast, and the (demanded) movement is big. It was difficult to do
    the choreography at that speed. Particularly, it was stressful on my arms and legs.
    I practiced really hard, such as doing it slowly and doing it fast ...
    The intuitive lyrics are very impressive. As soon as the song starts,
    the subtitle of the song ... 'Look at Me' ... starts with repeated appearances.
    And there is a feeling of ambition and determination to start anew. I went to the recording studio
    and saw the lyrics for the first time. It was cool. It was nice that it seemed to fit the situation
    that (XUM) we were in. I liked it because it was straightforward. When I read the lyrics, they seemed
    to encourage my confidence. I felt that I could build confidence in myself without being dismayed
    by the (hiatus time from NeonPunch) gap. I could sing song lyrics about (XUM) us with conviction.

    (End Part 1 of 2)

    (Begin Part 2 of 2)


    [BNT Interview] AGAIN, XUM (Part 2 of 2) 'Into the Infinite Charm'
    [Reporter = Kim Chi-yoon]

    (Q: Hiatus [NeonPunch], and finally a [XUM] re-debut. What kept you from letting go of hope ???)

    Baek-ah said --> It is true that we waited a lot, even though we are contracted (with A100 Agency).
    The (XUM) members believe in each other, and have united again on this basis.
    Later, (with XUM) there was a Comeback saying ... "We were all dead (laughs)"

    Da-yeon said --> For a long time, there were many worries about the (lack of) activity. The moment the (Comeback) decision was made, I waited (anxiously) for the song. There were also a lot of songs
    (considered) that changed the (XUM) concept. The reward for the waiting, the JOY, was a great song.

    Ia-an said --> There was a (NeoPunch hiatus) 'Slump' feeling for me. It was hard to get a grip
    on my mind. But when I finally commited to do it (XUM Group) with three people, I became
    more active. There were (past NeonPunch) fans waiting. I couldn't disappoint Fan expectations,
    or mine either.

    (Q: Who are the Senior and Junior singers who inspired while preparing for XUM Group concept ???)

    Ia-an said --> BLACKPINK (YGe) ... After it was decided to go with the 'Girl Crush' concept,
    I tried harder. I searched a lot of videos for the keywords 'Jersey Club'. I looked through a lot of videos
    while picking up the choreography. Because the vibe is so different, I thought a lot about
    what to take (away in Dance Style). There have been times when I monitored it, but I was very young.

    Da-yeon said --> I viewed a lot of BLACKPINK , CHUNG-HA , HWA-SA.

    (Q: Do you have a way to relieve your stress? A time to recharge and do what you want to do ???)

    Dayeon said --> I read a book, look at my cell phone, or write a journal. It is healing to enjoy
    everyday life comfortably. On days when I might feel a bit 'down' , I purposely view sad movies.
    I wear earphones and listen to pop songs often. It is good to feel 'detached' and yet to be happy.

    Ia-an --> My DAY OFF is Sunday, I am always happy on Sunday morning. Meet friends, watch interesting entertainment, view a funny video on YouTube, 'Summer Vacation' (movie , Year 1985 ?)
    is very entertaining. I enjoy a feeling of healing. It is healing to see the food being cooked
    at a favorite restaurant.

    (Q: Please introduce each member's charm (or love) points ???)

    *** Note: Much of the remaining parts on 'charm and love points' (etc) did NOT Google Translate well.
    *** I included *only* that which seemed to have some logic to it

    Ia-an is very innocent *outwardly* and very young. (But) Her personality is a bit wacky and funny.
    So , Ia-an will 'reverse this' as a surprise charm, and be completely opposite to innocent.

    When Baek-ah dances, her eyes change. (She gives) The LOOK (eyes) to Fans ...
    (That she likes to do Live Performance?) ... It fits really well with the changed XUM concept
    (of 'Girl Crush').

    (Q: Are there any XUM Group related search terms or modifiers you want to create ???)

    Ia-an suggested --> "Beautiful Three Musketeers" ... All three have strong personality and charm.

    (Q: What desires do you have for the future as a XUM Group member ???)

    Da-yeon said --> I want want to show a good stage (Comeback). Personally, I want to buy a car.

    Ia-an said --> (I want) a Next Comeback Album. I want to design for myself and build a house.
    I want to live with my family. I envision a country house. Hyori's Bed and Breakfast.

    Baek-ah said --> I want to live in a residence that overlooks the Han River. When I have time,
    I often look at the map and search for the price of such a residence (real estate).

    (End BTN Article , 2 Parts , star@bntnews.co.kr ; 2020-09-25)
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    This THREAD Topic is about XUM and their "DDALALA" MV Comeback ...
    And NOT about IF one can type "WTF" , "OMG" , "IKR" , "???" (etc) ...
    So , ASKING that REPLIES here are 'On Topic' , those are welcome.

    IF that one wanted to state say --> "XUM ME !!!"
    That would clearly be 'On Topic' and welcome ...

    One can always ORIGINATE your OWN THREAD , titled say "XUM RULES"


    XUM receive backlash for racist controversy & AGENCY issues official statement ; 2020.09.24

    Note: An AKP FORUMS MODERATOR *removed* here (this XUM *Comeback* Thread) a COMMENT about XUM and *supposed* racism , as being OFF TOPIC here (this XUM *Comeback* Thread) ...
    So , AKP Users need to POST for that XUM 'controversy' on the AKP ARTICLE (URL above) instead ... Where there are OTHER COMMENTS about it too ... Here , this COMEBACK Thread is about ...
    the XUM *Comeback* , their Live Performances ... Hope that the logic of that decision ...
    By the FORUMS MODERATOR is clear too.

    Yes , the above AKP Staff Article (URL) refers to it (supposed XUM 'racism' event) ... The 'offending' YT VIDEO in question (since removed by XUM Agency = A100 Agency) was an event in MAY of Year 2020 ... So , somehow , it did NOT receive any 'attention' until 3 Months Later (September 2020) and the XUM Comeback (sadly) ... Personally , did NOT see that much to get that excited about it , with the level of supposed 'racism' and XUM in that video ... But other K-pop Fans can surely see it differently.


    As added observation on AKP ARTICLES STAFF , their (gray color) TAGGING of XUM Group is interesting. For 'odd' (mistaken) reasons , *most* of the XUM Group AKP Staff Articles ...
    Used /tag/ as opposed to the normal /artisttag/ in their TAG definition URLs.

    So , *all* of these URLs below are used to List the XUM Group AKP Staff Articles:


    NeonPunch Group = Previous Group (same A100 Agency) , All 3 XUM Members belonged to it.
    NeonPunch Group related AKP Staff Articles are listed under this TAG definition URL:

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    (Removed Stale Dated Content)
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