Why is this even happening in 2018? (Sensitive topic)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by xxHoshixx, Apr 3, 2018.


Is their an issue with people being labbeled as terrosits if they aren't one?

  1. Yes we shouldn't judge anyone from their background,faith or appearance.

  2. No people who are from a certain background are terrosits /trouble.

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  3. Maybe, if they have extremists views in politcs or religion. If not why would we call them terrosits

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    Being a beautiful grape model XD
    So we will be talking about 'punish Muslim day' as I am a not a Muslim this topic would be harder to talk about but I'll try. So today millions of people here in the UK and around the world are at risk already 2 Muslim girls in East London had been attacked with acid being chucked at their faces. I have so many Muslim friends at school and online and this scares me as I am worried about their wellbeing. This issue might take hours ,days ,months or years to discuss but the first step to an answer to peace is if we all speak up and talk with one another but I think this isn't an issue between Islam and society as Islam isn't the only religion with terrorist or extremists it's just the way the media portrays these innocent people who may haven't done anything wrong or cause people to feel unsafe or caused harm to another person. Yet most terrorist are claimed to labelled as 'Muslims' however other terrorist and extremist who aren't part of this religion don't have their religion named when they are posted on the media outlets and the news do not name their 'faith' or the motive of this attack.In most religion if you kill or harm a person you are considered not to be part of the faith anymore. I'm a atheist 14 years old living in the UK and hope this is hopefully resolved by the time I become an adult so we can sort out issues like world peace, the water and food crisis around the world and end torturer. We shouldn't be arguing about or differences and we should except each other for who we are and think about our personalities and not our believes and appearances. This is part of my RE assessment so please help and reply to this thread~
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    Dec 17, 2017
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    its only going downhill from here -- so dont keep your hopes up

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