When JPop-idols speak English

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    From "She is my slave" to the point till you don't know how to say "farewell" or "Family" . JPop-idols and the good ol English language:

    When Japanese idols speak English:

    And now I'm jelly at the Americans who got GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE in the damn US ... they should come to Europe too! But damn they speak better English than I ever thought

    Best of THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE speaking English:
    • Where is toilet?
    • Uh, Uhu, ah yeah, oh yeah yeah, what? what? what?
    • Day off... day off... use ...Japanese onsen
    Literally Zin teaching us the real English. "What" and "day off... day off" is all we need to know from now on xD

    Best of Hey!Say!JUMP speaking English:
    • Idol? Go to Akihabara or now! I'm idol!
    • I hate water, yeah
    • Oh oh oh oh... what?
    • Nose water flower ... flower water nose

    EXILE TRIBE's Tahakiro and Mandy in deep English conversations

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