What's Wrong With KDramas Makeup Artists

Discussion in 'K-Movies & TV' started by chickseli, Jun 29, 2018.

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    I'm really starting to wonder if they went to makeup school and skipped certain lessons.

    1. The lesson on lighting maybe. I was rewatching Dokkaebi and I was noticing how bad the foundation was when lighting changed for a scene. Lee Dongwook is a very handsome man and I know he is also very pale, like white pale. But in some scenes, the foundation he was wearing had a very heavy yellow undertone and it was really noticeable around his mouth. To me, something like that should be makeup 101. *I was trying to find pics, but what I'm talking about is not translating from video*

    2. Moist lips. I'm not understanding why chapstick is not being used. I DO.NOT. UNDERSTAND. Dry chapped lips are not sexy. It's one thing if they are supposed to be sick or something, but it seems to be the normal everyday walk around look. It's really noticeable if the characters are about to kiss and the camera is focusing on their lips. Is it meant to convey something during the scene? Does the character not know about Chapstick or Carmax? * I tried to find examples of this too, but for some reason, dry chapped Kdrama lips doesn't bring up anything* :teeheek:

    What are your hair and makeup pet peeves?
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    I don't remember what drama it was, that I was more worried of the main girl's lips bleeding than the plot
    Dr Strange?....
    Oh my Ghost?
    I don't remember, but yeah, it's annoying

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