What Kpop Idols' Crowdfunding Means

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    Kpop idol groups run crowdfunding campaign mainly because of their lack of funds. It costs much to produce idol groups' albums, and some of small kpop agencies and their idols, who do not have enough money run crowdfunding campaign to raise funds.(That's why popular idol groups and big agencies do not run crowdfunding campaign) So, to the poor kpop agencies and their idols, crowdfunding is a matter of survival.(Many of kpop idols are disbanded 4-5 years after their debut, while one of the main reasons for it is their lack of funds)


    In an increasingly competitive kpop market, idol groups have to seek for new ways to promote themselves, while the idols and their agencies recently began to take an interest in crowdfunding as a new promotional tool. Through crowdfunding, kpop idols can not only draw attention from people but also have deep ties with their fans. It is expected a crowdfunding campaign will become more common in the kpop world in the near future because it is a very effective way for kpop idols to make more loyal fans.
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    i'm pretty sure it's been done in Japan and worked pretty well, so there's hope
    crowdfunding could work in Kpop to some extent
    they'd need either amazingly great talents or to be totally stunning cuz we all know how it works, maybe both

    but if they don't meet expectations on the first 1 or 2 years, they're probably done for. The biggest weight is on the label since they are forced to make constant progress, better and better music to satisfy the crowd.

    Could work but i doubt a label is willing to risk so much, it's pretty much an all or nothing from the way i see it, because if they disappoint at least once then they'll lose support, and if their debut is a failure then assure to lose a huge part of them because to a lot of people that only means the label is a mess when it comes to production and/or management
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