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    She said in her interview on Secret Box that "Yue" is a Sino-Japanese word for the word "moon" that she took from a Japanese anime when she was a kid and was nicknamed like that since then.

    Yue doesn't mean "moon" in Sino-Japanese or native Japanese but there is the word "Yuè" which means "moon" in Chinese Mandarin.

    The Chinese character "月" which means "moon" has the following pronunciations in the following languages :

    In Chinese Mandarin :
    - Yuè (月 / ㄩㄝˋ)

    In Vietnamese :
    - Nguyệt (月)

    In Korean :
    - Weol (月 / 월)

    In Japanese : On'yomi :
    - Getsu (月 / ゲツ)
    - Gatsu (月 / ガツ)

    In Japanese : Kun'yomi :
    - Tsuki (月 / つき)

    In Japanese : Nanori :
    - Gaxtsu (月 / がっ)
    - Su (月 / す)
    - Zuki (月 / ずき)
    - Oto (月 / おと)
    - Mori (月 / もり)

    In Okinawan :
    - Gwachi (月 / ぐゎち)

    On the official Facebook profile of Trang Yue (, we can see that she likes the Clamp mangas which includes a male character named "Yue", from Hong Kong, written with the Chinese character "月" which means moon from a Clamp manga and anime called "Cardcaptor Sakura" which is still ongoing :

    Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Opening Theme – Clear :

    The Clamps mangas have a shared universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe.

    So I am sure at 99% that Trang Yue took his name.

    Trang Yue said that she likes the underground music scene.

    The Vietnamese rapper B Ray is one of her Idols. She said that she admires the Vietnamese rapper Suboi and that she would like to have a collaboration with her. On the Facebook profile of Trang Yue, you can see that she also likes the Vietnamese boy band Monstar, the Chinese singer Joyce Chu, the Korean singer BoA. We can also see that she likes on her Facebook profile gay and lesbian mangas. She also liked LGBT pages on Facebook. I bet that she is probably bisexual so maybe she might appear in a LGBT music video in the future.
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    Here is a nice music video from the Vietnamese singer Trang (not Trang Yue) who is known for having sung in music videos with Tiên Tiên :

    15 December 2020 :
    TRANG - 'Em Sẽ Không Để Anh Phải Cô Đơn' (M/V) :

    Trang is an indie singer so the style is quite different from the mainstream V-pop.

    I love her voice.​
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    In my opinion, the problem with the performance here isn't the sync. The choreography was on simple side and the attitude was lacking. On top of those was the plain dull costume.
    Something like sync can be achieve with little budget. Idols from a smaller agency can too execute a high level of sync regardless to Korean involvement. All what needed are effort from the artist and the motivation and practice space support from the agency. Both the agency and the artist must believe that the effort to deliver better performance will be paid.
    Neither grand scale budget is required to make a popular group. Gfriend, BTS, both came from small cheap agencies. A more crucial element is consistency. Some agencies try to invest all they have for the grandest opening thus, the budget dries afterward and a very long gap is inevitable as the agency needs time to collect enough money for the comeback. Thus, regular release of new contents to keep fans' interest on the group is impossible.
    With limited budget, an audition show similar to Sixteen/Nizi Project is proven successful. Still, groups without one can get popular too.
    In its current state, it's infertile to promote V-pop audition oversea. Only extremely desperate foreigners will apply and quality is anything but satisfying. Even Thai trainees to be on Chinese audition shows this year do not look that stunning but mediocre as Thai idols in C-pop (Sunnee, Mimi and Nene) have gained cool interest in Thailand.

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