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Discussion in 'The Studio' started by LeLeLeo, Feb 1, 2020.

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    I edited the video in my profile.
    I have this hobby of editing videos, but I don't have fancy equipment/programs.
    I try to fit my edits like so: a ton of groups filed down into a few minutes like an MV. I try to make it all fit, the dance/looks/style/concept/etc. I use random songs.

    here is my newest one:

    I am also pretty dang new to the forums, so idk how to make a video show. :') sorry~

    I'll post more later~ Please let me know any criticism (Fair criticism, not pointless) or advice.

    edit: slowly adding more, idk. here's the second most recent one:

    here's another, my failed humor at the thirstiness for kpop boys:

    Another one with an MJ song~
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