Useless gifts BTOB members got one another recently for a random gift exchange

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    A few days ago, the members of BTOB started up a random, 'World's Most Useless Gift Giving' exchange among one another.

    First up was maknae Sungjae, who decided to get Ilhoon...
    The 'Function' key from a keyboard. Ilhoon's reaction:
    (And Sungjae specified he will not be giving Ilhoon the actual keyboard, LOL)

    After receiving the baton from Sungjae, Ilhoon went on to choose the 'World's Most Useless Gift' for Peniel.

    Ilhoon chose... an egg.

    Peniel: "Thanks..."

    Now it's Peniel's turn to get a gift for Hyunsik.

    Peniel's choice? 'Italy towels', or scrubbing bath towels.

    Hyunsik's reaction:
    (That's actually useful Peniel!)

    The happy Hyunsik then gets to choose a gift for Changsub.

    It's... an exit sign:
    (I really wonder where Hyunsik stole it from, LOL. They recommended Changsub eat ramyeon out of it, hahaha)

    Determined for revenge, Changsub goes out of his way to create a masterpiece gift for Minhyuk.

    ... and Changsub's master plan is... a bird nest.
    (What it lacks in utility, it makes up for in effort :'))

    Too late to feel bad about your uselessly useless gift, Changsub:
    (How handsome is Minhyuk in a simple black tee??)

    The members have come full circle, which means Minhyuk's gift receiver is back to Sungjae.

    Sungjae opens Minhyuk's gift:

    Sungjae: "Oh hey, this isn't bad?"

    In the end, what was the meaning behind all of these useless gifts..?

    If you combine the first letter of all of the gifts above, in order - Function key, Egg (in Korean, pronounced "Al or R"), Italy towel, Exit sign, Nest, Dinosaur feet - you get "F-r-i-e-n-d", the title to BTOB"s upcoming pre-release single!

    All credit to @beansss here


    I was going to make a thread on this, but this was way better than what I had, with gifs and all. It was a fun way for them to mess with each other AND tease the song in their own way.

    "Friend" is dropping in under 6 hours, give it a listen when it does :)
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