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Discussion in 'K-POP' started by oxygenize, Feb 27, 2018.

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    Zayn's saesang
    Zayn's bed
    So I was looking for drama in Kpop but I found unpopular opinions instead so here they are...
    • Fans spill the tea on their unpopular K-pop opinions, and boy is it juicy!
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      SBS PopAsia HQ

      8 NOV 2017 - 1:15 PM UPDATED 8 NOV 2017 - 1:15 PM
      It goes without saying that there are unpopular opinions on every subject ever, and in the realm of K-pop, there are certainly many, many unpopular opinions held by many fans!

      In an interesting new thread over on Reddit, K-pop fans got into a fascinating discussion about their unpopular opinions related to K-pop. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting.

      Here are some of the "unpopular" K-pop opinions held by fans:

      • The most important talent idols need is to be likable. And popularity is about marketing not good songs. Everyone can agree that Spica are more talented then Twice but Twice are far more popular then Spica would have ever been.
      • Power is one of my favorite songs of the year while KoKoBop is one of my least favorite. It is my least favorite Exo song.

      • I really dislike V-Live as an app. I think it's great in gaining more fans for your group and being close to your group, but I hate how it's a component in why idols these days suck at variety shows. It's just that variety shows for me were always a big part of K-Pop.
      • There’s only five members in Girls Generation.

      • Dahyun is the only member of Twice who I can really say is expendable. She’s not really good at anything she was assigned to do (variety, rapping) and has no real role in the group. She’s the only member I can say was added because she was attractive (excusing Tzuyu because she’s the visual) and would attract guys.
      • Blackpink and YG in general don't try hard enough. I've been a YG stan since I got into kpop but I feel like YG uses their reputation to sell their artists and not the talent. I know they like to say quality over quantity but still. I love blackpink but I think they should've had a mini album instead of this let's drop two songs every once in a while. At least they're gonna have that TV show.

      • I didn't like the last BTS album. I'm an army but I'm sorry, it was pretty forgettable for me. Not even in my top 10 albums this year.
      • GFriend title tracks are on the decline musically, Love Whisper and Summer Rain were boring and nothing noteworthy.It seems like Source Music is scared to take risks with them anymore and I'm worried they'll fall into the same-formula loop Twice are in and lose their edge in the market
        I don't see Lay returning to EXO in the near future, even with THAAD ending.
        DNA is the most mediocre song BTS have put out in years

      • Groups breaking records this year/in recent years has less to do with them being popular and more to do with the fact that kpop as a whole is more popular. Half the groups today wouldn’t survive against groups from pre-2000. Half the groups today wouldn’t survive against 2009-2011 groups.
      • This is 100% down to taste, and let me make it absolutely clear that I have a lot of admiration and respect for their success and accomplishments so far...but I just cannot stand BTS' music.
      • the "lingo" of Kpop (i.e you've been shook, stuff to do with wigs, Im crying!, calling idols "my babies" or somebody is slaying) I find is incredibly cringeworthy.
      • I Got A Boy is SNSD's worst a side single.

        f(x) isn't as artsy hipstery as some questionable bloggers like to think (remember they've done bubblegum pop like Hot Summer).

      • 1. Stop with that "to be called a fan of X means you have to love all members" feel-good BS that fandoms like bleating about. I respect the group and support them because my bias is a part of them, that doesn't mean I have to love that one member who likes invading other people's camera time or that one weird member who can barely string together a three sentence thank you speech.
        2. "Every (fandom name) stans (their own personal bias' name),you just don't know it yet" This sounds good on paper but good lord can fans just accept that not everybody is going to be falling over for every single member of a group. There's promoting your bias then there's just plain shoving your bias down other people's throats.
        3. The infantilizing of idols needs to stop. I've seen comments about how idol J is so pure and he just like looking at pictures of baby animals and eating his jelly snacks and he is such an innocent. He is also 22 year old man. I get wanting to protect them in some way but idols are teenagers and grown men and women, stop cooing over them likegroups.
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    uwuing into oblivion
    this is pretty old loollll
    nah its reddit being reddit
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    there is a comment right there talking about needing likable idols ffs!
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    I think they said that because Jessica left and three members didn't resign with SM. So there's only five, but many fans believe that OT8 are still together.
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    Kpop idols can wear dreads, cornrows, whatever braids as long as they don’t claim it as their own trend.
    Also those hairs originated in various places not just Africa, Black neighborhoods.

    Just don’t go wear painting non-black faces black and don’t put trainees who don’t want to be in an idol in an idol group.

    *mic drop*
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    Momo's wife, NAYOON stan, Yeji and Ryujin expert
    Lmao. Did you really revive this dead ass thread just to say your unpopular opinion? There's already a whole thread for that.

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