TWICE 4th Anniversary Fan Meeting

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    TWICE held a special fan meeting for their 4th anniversary.

    TWICE held 'ONCE HALLOWEEN 2' at Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, twice from 1 pm and 6 pm.

    The fan meeting, held on October 20, the debut date, left an unforgettable memory for ONCE.

    The members participated in the set-list construction, and they also showed intense cosplay that fits the Halloween concept.

    Twice, who surprised the fans with the unprecedented dress code during the fan meeting last year, changed to various characters this year, including the main characters of the movies `` Old Boy, '' `` Scissors '' and `` Malficent. ''

    In particular, Dahyun dressed as a genie of lamps gave a big smile.

    In addition, an event was held to invite fans who have carefully prepared cosplay to the stage to take a picture together.

    TWICE spent a lot of time in cosplay as well as performances.

    As a group of '12 consecutive hits', he sang songs of all time such as' Dance The Night Away ',' FANCY ',' Feel Special ',' HEART SHAKER ',' YES or YES '.

    There were also stages of love songs such as' STUCK IN MY HEAD ',' LOVE FOOLISH ',' SAY YOU LOVE ME ',' MISSING U ',' STRAWBERRY ',' BREAKTHROUGH ', and '21: 29'.

    Mina's surprise appearance was another gift for her fans.

    Mina, who has been absent for a while due to health reasons, has decided to join the 4th anniversary fan meeting.

    Fans rewarded Mina's heart with the event of changing the cheering rod to Mina's unique color during the 'Feel Special' stage. Particularly at the end of the 2nd stage, Mina thanked "Thanks to Once" and thanked her, and the members hugged Mina together and gave an impression.

    TWICE gave a lot of fun and excitement with various things to see, "If it's a job for anything, I'm not hesitating. I wanted to build a good memory for once, always with us," he sent a special fan love.

    "Twice's fourth anniversary was also possible because of you. Let's be together for a long time."

    Meanwhile, TWICE will release their 2nd album '& TWICE' and title song 'Fake & True' in Japan on November 20th.

    The title song was released on the 18th at 0 o'clock, It is gaining great popularity as it is ranked first in local line music real-time charts.

    *google translate :sweatr:
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    aw~ thanks for sharing that <3
    It was something very great this fanmeeting for real
    they performed their hits, they were all amazing with their costumes! And MINA WAS THERE I was so emotional everytime she was singing and smiling <3 OT9 for life
    We gonna have many more years of these amazing once halloweens! Can't wait until the next one
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    What a great tradition TWICE has established for their fans!
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    SNSD (2th gen) >>> TWICE (3rd gen) :lover1:

    No fake! Well deserved.

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