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    Worldwide iTunes Song Chart - 2019/08/02

    36 NEW Tiffany Young - Magnetic Moon

    Tiffany Young - Magnetic Moon (Official Music Video)

    Tiffany Young

    Premiere August 1, 2019

    Rinielle 아리엘 Choivor 17 Stunden
    I've said it once and I'll say it million of time, I'm so proud of Tiffany Young !!!!

    spiceboymikevor 16 Stunden
    This song and video looks and sounds like something Kylie Minogue would have done (which is not a bad thing)! Good job Tiffany; you just sold another download!

    Freya Linvor 17 Stunden
    The vocal effects definitely gives it a more western appeal. I am honestly so impressed with how versatile our moon eyed sunshine is. This song is probably my favorite out of her american discography only because I'm living for the melody and lyrical rhythm. Such a catchy song I love it

    Ko Hakuvor 14 Stunden
    I love the vocal mixing, it gives the song a different vibe that fits perfectly with the concept. We all already know that Tiffany can sing, she has an amazing voice so I'm glad she's willing to try different things, the music industry should always be innovative. Amazing job, Tiffany! The song, lyrics and video are all wonderful, you never disappoint!

    Queen POTATOvor 18 Stunden
    Get this bop to 1 million already

    Tanapon_ ssvor 3 Stunden
    800k soon~~~
    950K soon~~
    1M soon~~~~

    Primuadji Baskorovor 10 Stunden

    NoOneAskedButImmaPopOff Sisvor 15 Stunden
    Absolutely flawless. Queen slayed and snatched.

    Camilo Rozovor 4 Stunden
    Tiffany is making Big things guys the song is cool, but the video is a masterpiece. Lets all support her and please do not sleep on her work. Sending lots of love Tiff

    Isaiah Torresvor 13 Stunden
    Tiffany is probably my favorite artist right now. I feel like with her music we are seeing the development and growth of her as a person and artist. Her coming into her own, finding her style and voice, and just experiencing her full breakthrough into her own. These things aren’t things I feel I get to see in other artist, but I feel like Tiffany wants us to see this and it’s really beautiful and wonderful that we can see this of her. Her enjoying what she’s doing and continuing to grow herself. So proud of her and love her so much Sone forever GG4eva.



    Tiffany Young Captivates with 'Magnetic Moon': Watch the Music Video
    8/2/2019 by Tamar Herman | BILLBOARD US

    Courtesy of Transparent Agency
    Tiffany Young

    Tiffany Young has harnessed lunar power in her latest song, “Magnetic Moon.”

    Released today (Aug. 2) as the clock struck midnight on the East Coast and officially ended Young's 30th birthday on Aug. 1, the lo-fi disco-infused pop track was put out through an enchanting music video full of glitz, glam and moonlight. The song creates a magical effect with heavy Auto-Tune, enhancing Young’s tone.

    Young -- who got her start in the K-pop world as a member of Girls’ Generation and has since turned her attention to the U.S. where she hails from -- worked with designer Kim He Kim on the music video concept, bringing to life a modern-day classic diva concept through high-fashion looks enhanced by show-stopping celestial imagery and graceful choreography.

    In a statement, Young described the song as being something “for everyone that sparkles at night in the moonlight.” Serving as co-writer on the track with Kwaye, Viktoria Hansen, and Kev Nish, she added, “Some of my best writing and recording sessions are in the latest hours looking up at the moon, and there’s a special creative energy it brings out of me that I wanted to capture in the music video. On set, I felt like the moon inspired my dance and performance. The moon can pull something special out of us, and pull us together.”



    “Magnetic Moon” dropped ahead of Young’s upcoming North American tour of the same name, which will begin in San Francisco on Oct. 25. The next month will see the star perform in Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Raleigh, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix before closing things out in Los Angeles on Nov. 21.

    Watch the music video for Tiffany Young’s “Magnetic Moon” below.
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