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    Lost in a galaxy of floating stars
    Drawings are half the character already!
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    not wrong lol
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    Hey guys I love making films check out my webseries 'Bias' if you get a chance!!!

    The first 2 episodes are out & 2 more will be released (every Wednesday night Melbourne time)

    Feel free to give any feedback! Thsnkyou!~~
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    from multifandom land where there are no haters
    Any writers out there?
    Im having trouble writng. Idk it just doesn't feel right.... could you help me improve? Give me advice?
    Heres a super rough rough draft unedited verison so mind the grammer and spelling errors plz.
    its an adventure AU fanfic where the idols have superpowers
    30 minutes before the meeting.

    Leeteuk had told onew to explain everything to yesung. Except that he had choosed the wrong person. Onew was never the talkative type. Yesung sat down on the bed, and stared at him.

    “So,” he began awkwardly.

    “So….. uh…..” yesung replied back, just as awkwardly.

    Onew cleared his throat and began again. “Leeteuk wanted me to explian to you everything about this place.which is um hard….”

    yesung just stared at him, waiting for him to continue.

    “Welcome to the ENT,” onew said lamely.
    I want to slap myself ugh.

    Yesung cracked a smile. “Is that how you guys introduce yourself here? Leeteuk said the same thing!”

    “its how we greet the new trainees,” onew replied.


    “yea. That’s what we call the new people who come here. We expect a new person here every 3 thursdays. We were supposed to get a new trainee today…”

    “but instead, you got me.” yesung finished onew’s sentence.

    Good, he catches on fast.

    “Yup. instead we got you.”
    onew thought of what to say next.
    “ when we get new trainees, we catergorize them into the different sectors of the ENT. They may stay with the sector, or change into a different one until the leaders decide which group the trainee will be in. From then on, the person stays with the group forever.for awhile, they wear a shirt that has their group symbol on them so that people know which group they are in.”

    blinking, yesung processed it quietly. He still seemed alittle confused.

    “And why am i different from these trainees?” he asked.

    “Uhmm… can i answer that later? After i explain everything….” onew awkwardly said.

    Yesung nodded for him to continue.

    “After the new trainees get their groups, they train.”

    “train?” yesung asked.

    “Remember the person who escorted you here? Leo?” yesung nodded.
    ”he turned into a lion.”

    “yea. Well, alot of us… alot of us have abilites. Mutations. Powers. Whatever you want to call it.”

    onew watched yesung carefully, wondering what his reaction will be. He didnt looked surprised at all. Rather, he looked thoughtful, intuged.

    “Is that why you can disapear and apear?” he asked.

    Onew nodded. Then yesung asked the question that onew feared he would ask.

    “Do i have an ability?”

    “well… its not my place to say so right now. Dara noona can answer to that later.” onew explained quickly.

    “Did i have one before?”

    Onew took in a deep breath before answering.
    “ you did. You could control people’s emotions… with your singing.”

    “with my singing? Is that even possible?”yesung wondered out loud.

    “Yes with your singing. You had such an amazing singing voice,” onew said, remembering.

    “ you would use your voice to cheer people up when they were sad, and scream your emotions out to everyone when you were angry.”

    “is that …. Is that even possible?” yesung repeated.

    Onew thought of how to answer him. “Well, how does Leo turn into a lion? How do i disapear? How does hyuna control the temperature? We don’t know. Noone here has the same exact ability. Different variations, maybe, but it is unique to the person.”

    yesung narrowed his eyes, as if onew’s answer didn’t exactly satisfy him. Then his expression changed, as if he thought of something else.

    “Are there people without abilites at all?”

    “yup. not everyone has an ability, and that’s okay. They triain to be excellent fighters, scouts, or techies.”

    “techies?” yesung asked with an eyebrow raised in amusement.

    Onew grinned.
    “Kyu hyung gave the nickname. He’s in charge of the tech team.”

    “kyu?” yesung asked strangly.

    Oh shit i forgot to not mention any of his members… leeteuk had told onew about yesung’s reaction.

    He quickly changed the subject.
    “Anyways, all of us living here, we live to survive. And we use our ablities to.”

    yesung stared at him blankly again. “Do any of you guys know why you are here?”

    onew was taken back by his question, he didn’t know how to answer.

    “We don’t actually. One day we just apeared in this world. Forgeting how we got here, and why we were here. And there were people who were here before us, who did the same thing. They catorgized in different sectors, and different groups, before they…. They…” onew trailed off.

    “Before they what,” yesung asked.

    “Beofre they go Missing. Or before they die,” onew whispered back quietly.

    The pain was still fresh, and he didn’t want to remember. Atleast yesung can prove that missings can show up again….. But ....

    “You’re crying,” yesung said gently.

    “Oh, i am?” onew wiped the tears off, and instictly turned invisiable.

    “Sorry,” yesung mumbled.

    “No, don’t be,” onew replied.

    “You were just asking. it ‘s my job to answer and explain.”

    yesung looked like he wanted to say more, but a knock interupted them. Taemin poked his head in.

    so leeteuk doesnt trust anyone with yesung except us.

    Onew apeared again, and nodded to taemin.

    What’s wrong? Why were you crying, hyung? Taemin asked telapathically.

    “nothing, “ onew snapped out loud.

    “Huh?” yesung asked.

    “Taemin here can telapthically communicate with you,” onew explained.

    “ he’s your new guard, i have to go.”

    yesung looked sad.
    “ am i trapped in here? As in a prisoner?”

    “no, you’re not hyung,” taemin spoke. “It’s just that... “

    “that leeteuk doesn’t want you to meet the other people yet,” onew finished taemin’s sentence.

    “so Like a prisioner, “ yesung stated again.

    I already explained to him what trainies are, and that how some of us have abilities. Don’t answer him if he asks about himself, missings , or leeteuk.

    how the heck am i supposed to talk to him then? Taemin asked.

    Wait actually…. I have an idea. Leeteuk is gonna kill me though.

    Wait hyung-

    onew cut off the tealthpathy as he ran out the med room.

    He steped outside of the main building and leaned on the wall. he unwrapped his necklace around his neck, and scrolled through the aqua blue contact screen that came up, gently tapping on the contact that he was looking for. the necklace transformed into a small metal ear piece.

    “ what do you want onew?” came a tired voice.

    “Sunggyu, i need you to come down to the med room. that ‘s where yesung is,” onew said as he put in the the earpiece into his ear.

    “I thought taemin was supposed to be gaurding him next.” sunggyu’s sleepy voice became louder.

    “Exactly. I need you to put him to sleep, so that he won’t ask questions anymore!”

    “why don’t you answer his questions?” sunggyu asked. He sounded more awake.

    “Because that’s leeteuk’s job?” onew fired back.

    “Look, leeteuk is tired as hell, i can feel it. Couldn’t you made his job uh, i don’t know, alittle easier, by explaining to yesung what he is?”

    “i don’t want taemin to spill any thing, you know how he is. Also, yesung is mentally exausted, and he thinks we’re keeping him prisioner.” onew said quickly.

    After a moment of silence, sungggyu replied back. “Fine. but if leeteuk gets angry, you’re to blame. I have to be at the main building anyway, for the meeting.”

    and in a blink of an eye, sunggyu had teleported to onew’s side. His hair was sticking out in differnt angles, and his mouth was in the shape of a yawn. Instead of yawning, it somehow formed the shape to talk.

    “Let’s get going, shall we?” sunggyu said in a lazy voice.

    “Were you sleeping?” onew asked laughing.

    “As always,” sunggyu grinned back. “But i might have competitiiion these days. I heared from doojoon that you and CL sneak in naps.”

    onew scoffed at sunggyu’s statement. “We don’t sleep in meetings! Well, i don’t, im not sure about CL. you can never tell with her……”

    sunggyu just shrugged lazily as he opened the door to the med room.

    Taemin was talking to yesung about the different patrols people take.

    “ the dawn patrol patrols the border at dawn, and the evening patrols usually go around dinner time,” taemin finsihed explaining to yesung.

    He nodded towards onew and sunggyu at the door in greeting.

    “Why do you guys have so many patrols?” yesung asked curiously, not notcing sunggyu or onew at the door.
    idk its like umm... HELP ME ㅠㅠ

    also heres the begining of the story if you're confused, or want to read my story lol
    The man opened his eyes, breathing heavly.

    My name is yesung he thought.

    That was the only thing he could remember. He squniched his eyes, trying to remember more. But he coulcnt remember anything other than that his name was yeusng.he found this weird, since he could move his body and he could sense thoughts in his mind, and yet he couldn’t remember where he came from. He decided to look at his body and noticed that he had on a saphire blue shirt and a really comforable gray pants.

    Where did these come from?

    Yesung looked around him, finally notcing what was around him. It was a bare moor to his left, and a forest near to his right. He touched the grass beneath him realizing that he was sitting on the ground. As he looked back to the moor, he saw 6 bunnies bouncing around. At first he found this funny. 6 different colored bunnies hopping around, and sniffing. One raised his head and looked at yesung. yesung gasped in horror, as he noticed that the eyes of the bunny were white as snow, and had a red mask around it. Looking at the other bunnies, he saw the similarities of creepy apearences, such as all of the bunnies had masks on them. All of them were staring at yesung now, and one bunny, a bunny that had a pink mask, took out a whistle and blew on it 3 times. The shrill noise was so loud that yesung covered his ears and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, the bunnies were gone. Yesung debated what to do, as he was scared.

    Nonsense, why are you scared of colored bunnies, yesung thought to himself.

    He took a deep breath and decided to walk to the forest, as he felt so unsecure out in the open of the moor. He got up and started walking toward the forest. As he walked, the ground slopped down, and yesung realized that he was on a hill. The hill was gentle along the breeze, and yesung finally reached the bottom with ease.

    Suddenly as he walked toward the forest, a shape came toward him. The shape became a lion, a lion padding toward him. It wasn’t just any lion. This lion was blue, and its pelt was full of stars, as if the galaxy itself was printed onto it. It was blue, purple, green, and black all in one. The stars was glittering brightly, even though it was broad daylight.

    Yesung was frozen, half in awe of the lion, and partly of fear. The lion looked at him strangely, as if it was wondering if it had seen yesung before. The lion blinked in confusion, and then purred in happiness.

    Yesung didnt know how he could tell the lion was happy, but it just was. The lion turned to the forest, walking towards it. It looked back, as if it was expecting him to follow it.
    Yesung didn’t know what to do.

    He gulped down his fear, and asked , “do you know me? Where am i? Who are you?” all in one nervous breath.

    The lion looked at him as if it was disapointed in him , and purred again, sadly this time. It padded slowly to him, and yesung flinched again in fear, but he raised his head to look into tbe lion’s eyes. The eyes were brown and warm, and yet it had stars in it as well. The lion lashed its tail gently, looked to the forest, and looked at yesung again.

    “Do you want me to follow you?”

    the lion blinked in answer. It padded towards the forest again, and this time, yesung followed it by its side, matching its stride.

    As they aproached the forest, yesung heard voices. Not one , not two, but many voices. His heart raced in the thought of the fact that there were other people were there, not just him. He stared at the lion, and it just stared back. Then the lion shaked his mane and roared.

    Yesung was taken back and covered his ears. The voices grew in exciment and hushed, and a few people came out of the forest.

    “Leo’s back!”

    “ i wonder how the new trainee will be like!”

    “what part of camp do you think he will be in?””

    “what ability do you think he will have?”

    “i hope he can sing”

    on and on they rambled, leaving yesung confused.

    A male steped out of the small group. He was not that tall, but he wasn’t short either. He had a some what build to his body, but not too much, and his long hair fell down his ears, but not reaching his shoulders. He was wearing a white and neon green tank top with short brown pants. The male didn’t quite notice yesung, and instead spoke to the lion.

    “Leo, youre back.where’s the new trainee? ” the lion tilted his head and moved, so that the male could see yesung.
    Once their eyes met, the male stuttered, and bowed his head.
    The group behind him muttered as well.

    “Isn’t that super junior sunbae, Yes-”

    the lion let out a low growl before they could say anymore. Yesung was overwheled, and did not speak. The lion and the lead male stared at each other, as if they were in a convorsation.

    Finally the male cleared his throat, and shakly spoke.

    “ my name is cnu and i’m part of the group b1a4. Welcome to the ENT. i’ll lead to .. to .. leeteuk sunbae. He’ll put you in a group.”

    yesung just stared at him.
    What the hell was the ent, who was leeteuk and what kind of name is cnu and b1a4, he thought.

    “My name is yesung. Do you know me?” the group just stared at him, not sure what to say.

    “You just look like someone we had here,” came a quiet voice from behind.

    Yesung turned around expecting to see the dark blue lion. Instead a young man stood where the lion should have been. The man had hair a mixture of dark brown and black hair that covered most of his angular face. in between the strands, his eyes shaped like a cat’s, and was the same brown eyes that yesung saw in the lion. The male was lanky tall and had a slight built to him. He was wearing long black pants and a navy blue t shirt that showed his arms muscles that were slightly bulky.
    He pointed to himself.

    “ leo. I can turn into a lion. Im not scary, and i don’t bite,”’ he said in a quiet monotone voice.

    “Uhh okay?” yesung stuttered nervously.

    “Leo, how many times do we have to tell you, thats not the way to intorduce yourself?” one of group member said.
    Cnu just rolled his eyes as if he’s heard this many times. “

    This is how you do it!” the male steped and cheerfully greeted yesung.
    “ hi! My name is eunkwang, and i’m btob’s leader! Nice to meet you!”

    “hi” yesung smiled.

    Eunkwang turned and stuck his tounge out at Leo.
    “don’t mind him,” he said to yesung.” he’s always cold like that. I like him better as a lion.”

    leo let out a dangerous low growl. Cnu steped in to make sure leo wouldn’t come near eunkwang.

    “We should take you to leeteuk sunbae. I’ll take you - “

    “no i will” leo interrupted. “You finish the patrol.”

    “but…” eunkwang started to argue.

    Leo shot him a look.

    “fine ,” cnu said.

    “But…” eunkwang started.

    “Yesung will meet the rest of the patrol back at camp. Come on. Bye yesung. We’ll see you later.”
    cnu started back to the hill, giving yesung one last look.

    the group who had been silent the whole time started to move, but not before giving yesung strange looks. Yesung could hear eunkwang complaining and the group muttering amongst themselves, as they walked toward the hill that yesung had came from.

    Yesung looked for leo, to see a blue lion in his place again. The lion growled softly.

    Ride me.

    Yesung took in a shocked breath. It was leo’s voice, in his mind.

    Sorry, did i scare you?

    “Yea, a little bit,” yesung said out loud.

    You can talk to me without having to speak. Its one of my abilities.

    “But i like talking out loud. Is that okay with you?”

    youre weird. … but yea, its okay by me. Ride on my back. We’ll get to camp faster.

    Okay” yesung grunted as he struggled to get on leo’s back.

    Grab on my mane tightly.

    Before yesung could reply, leo began striding toward the forest so fast that he lost lost his breath. They passed the trees in a blur, and yesung thought he saw even more people as they kept striding foward. If there were more people, leo didn’t pay attention to them at all and went on, if not faster.

    Finally, when yesung thought he couldn’t breathe anymore, leo slowed down. Yesung realized that they wernt in a forest anymore but in a makeshift area base.

    There were many tents and buidings, all aound him, people were busy doing a task.

    How did they get here so fast? yesung thought.

    Leo walked slowly towards the center of the place. There was a huge house like building, leo went inside without saying a word, taking yesung along with him.

    Get off.

    Yesung jumped to the floor, and by the time he got up, leo was a human again.

    Shouldn’t i find this weird? A human turning into a lion? Yesung thoght.

    He started thinking about how he wasn’t surprised at the fact that he wasn’t scared at all. In fact he wondered why he was scared of the colored bunnies he saw first, even before he had met leo. Something about those bunnies were strange, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

    yesung was so in deep in thought that he didnt notice that a man had came in and was talking to leo, who was now in human form again.

    Although the man looked young, there were dark circles under his eyes and he had several slightly visble wrinkles that showed his age. The man looked very serious while talking to leo, and he kept doing nervous gestures that made yesung nervous as well.

    He started fidgeting with his fingers, and decided to look around the room. There was a large round table that was shaped like an oval, with chairs that were uniqely decorated. On the walls, random things were hung up, such as fancy dresses and clothes, as well as weapons and trophies. This group of people must have been here a long time, for there were many many different decorations around the room. Was that a skull on the wall? With a bow tie?

    Yesung lowered his eyes back to the table. a chair that was decorated with dragons, and another that had red underwear were next to a chair with studded sapphires were at the end of the table, where as other chairs were scattered around, not exactly at the end of the table. A pink chair with a panda design, and again, a chair with the same skull that was on the wall. Another chair had an emerald green bunny coming out.

    The man and leo were sitting at the edge of the table, the man grasping his hands on the side of the sapphire chair. They were done talking and the man finally looked at yesung.

    He looked very nervous, and abit meloconic as he started talking.

    “Hi my name is leeteuk,” he said slightly shakly.

    He cleared his throat and spoke again, coming up to yesung.

    “Welcome to the E N T. this is where you will be living from now on. Can i ask you your name?”

    yesung couldnt answer. He stared and stared at the man. The man - no, leeteuk - wore a similar sapphire blue shirt like yesung. And yet that wasn’t the problem. Yesung had seen this man before. He just couldn’t remember where. His name sounded so familar, just out of reach….

    Yesung started breathing heavly, and was having trouble breathing. “

    Easy... breath slowly, in and out” leeteuk breathed.

    Yesung looked into leeteuk’s eyes.
    “My name is yesung.” he finally managed to say.

    Leeteuk suddenly looked alittle hopeful.
    “Do you remember anything other than your name?”

    “no. i dont know where i came from and i dont know why i am here.i dont know why i know your name and i dont know where there is a freakin skull on the wall or a chair with red underwear, and i dont know - ”

    “wait.. Slow down. Breathe in and out slowly. Did you just say you know my name?” leeteuk asked hopefully.

    Yesung started breathing heavily again, and tried to stay calm.

    “ yea, i dont know why it sounds so familiar -” yesung was interupted by the door brusting open.

    “Is it true? Yesung is back ?!? “ a voice yelled.

    “Yesung!!!!” a man barreled towards yesung and engouphed him in a hug so tight.

    “I thought i would never see you again!” yesung closed his eyes and the last thing he heard before going unconcious was ...

    “ya, heechul!!!”

    chapter 2
    Leeteuk sighed and snapped his fingers twice, making the limp body of Yesung float in the air. He turned to Leo, who was still surprisingly there, watching his every move.

    “Dont even ask me to,” Leo said rolling his eyes.

    “Should i make you float too? I know how much you love that,” he replied.

    And suddenly the doors infront of them slammed closed, leaving Leeteuk and Heechul alone in the room. Leeteuk trusted Leo enough to drop Yesung off in the med room, and started making chairs float from the ceiling down to the floor.

    “Sorry, did i interrupt something?” Heechul asked mockingly, sitting down on yunho’s red chair.

    “You just came in here and fucked everything up, so you might as well stay” leeteuk muttered, as he brought highlight's lightbulb chair down. He continued bringing down chairs around the table.

    “I’m calling a meeting with the older group leaders. And i want the rest of our members to be there with us.”

    Heechul, playing with yunho’s red underwears, suddenly turned serious.

    “This never happened before. I really thought that Yesung was gone…. But how did he appear?”

    “and how did you know about this? I thought only Leo and the Matoki bunny scouts knew,” Leeteuk replied back, not answering the questions.

    “The whole troup knows. Eunkwang came back into camp screaming the news out and Cnu and others in the patrol confirmed it. It spread like wildfire, and i bet it’ll even reach Jay and the rest of the loners by tonight,” Heechul rambled.

    “Eunkwang, that son of a bitc-”

    “But we don’t know the exact details though.” Heechul interrupted “we just know that cnu met leo as he was supposed to, but instead meeting a new trainee, they met Yesung, and that Leo sent the patrol back to camp.”

    Leeteuk took a break from arranging the other chairs and took a seat in his own. The 15 blue sapphires on the chair never looked so sad to him.

    “The bunny scouts saw it first.”he began. Heechul looked back at him with serious eyes, and leeteuk continued. “They were scouting as usual and saw yesung instead of a normal new trainee. They sent a signal and i sent leo to see if it was true. But Leo didn’t tell me that they met a patrol on the way here though.” leeteuk had closed his eyes out of exacerbation. “Thank god that none of our members were on that patrol. If that happened, yesung would have probably fainted, like how when he saw you.”he opened his eyes on the emphasised last words, and stared at heechul.

    Heechul just shrugged, and said, “ why did he faint when he saw me? I know he was always weak and all…. Wait, does he even remember me? Us? The others?” he stared at leeteuk with wide eyes.

    “I don’t think so. He started panicking when he heard my name, and when he saw you he fainted.”

    “Oh, okay. I wish Kangin's situation was like that.”

    an awkward silence stayed in between them, since neither of them wanted to say what had to be said.

    Don’t ever mention Kangin in front of me ever again.

    After several minutes of just looking down at the floor, Leeteuk stood up and tapped the table lightly. A screen appeared in front of him, listing different groups and members. Leeteuk quickly surfaced through all of them and choosing certain groups and skipping others.

    “Who are you choosing for the meeting?” Heechul asked from Yunho’s chair.

    “Yunho, Onew, GD , Doojoon, and few others. CL, Taeyeon, and Yoona will be the only girls today though.” Leeteuk repiled.

    “ Can you also bring our members? Donghae and Eunhyuk should be at the river, and Shindong is on cooking duty today. Kyuhyun is somewhere in the tech room… Ryeowook would probably in training… who am i missing?”

    “annnd Siwon is flirting with the girls,” Heechul said laughing

    “Nah, thats something you would do, Chul” Leeteuk said, looking up from the screen.

    Heechul just smiled, glad that the awkwardness was gone. “Alright i’ll be back, and with a couple of girls if you don’t mind!” Heechul ’s voice faded away as he went out the door.

    Leetek found himself smiling. What would i do without you heechul,.

    Yesung woke up in a nice room, on a comfortable bed. The sunlight shone through the window, making the room dimly lit. this time he remembered, what had happened. He fainted because he was panicked. But Yesung still couldn’t remember how he had gotten into this new world of weird people. Nor did he remember why he felt like he should have known who Leeteuk was.

    “Oh you're awake. The rumors were true after all…. It really is you, hyung.”

    Yesung was so startled that he fell off his bed. Getting up, he yelled,” who’s there?”

    “no need to shout, hyung. Im right here,” came the same voice.

    And suddenly a man appeared infront of Yesung, and he backed away slowly.

    “I’m sorry i scared you. Leeteuk hyung sent me here without telling me anything and he said to watch over you. My name is Onew,” the man said.

    “m-m-my name is yesung. I’m sorry but i don’t remember you.”

    Yesung felt sorry as soon as he said so. The feeling that he should know this man, that he should know Leeteuk , didn’t wear off. The man just shrugged.

    “No One really notices me anyway. Taemin and Key like all the attention. From the rumors around the main camp, they said you forgot and don’t remember your time here, so i wasn’t expecting anything,” Onew said casually.

    “Did …. Did you know me like how leeteuk knew me?” Yesung asked, frowning.

    “Well, we were good friends, and you personally favored me out of shinee, even if you showed off more affection to key instead,” Onew remembering.

    Yesung's frown got even deeper. “Shinee?” he asked.

    Onew just stared at him, smiling. “Yea, Shinee, or whine-e as you used to say.”

    After a moment of confused silence, Yesung replied back, “ well Shinee is a better name then b 1 a 3 or whatever.”

    Onew’s exploding laughter caught him by surprise.

    “ its b1a4 , and don’t let Sandeul hear that! He’ll be sulking and probably be making fun of how we spell, “shinee” ,” Onew managed to say in between chuckles.

    When he was done, he grinned at Yesung. “You haven’t changed at all hyung.”

    I hope so, Yesung thought. I sure hope so.

    chapter 3

    CL sighed as she heard Gdragon and Dara arguing in the planning room.

    “What if he’s a threat?” Gdragon hissed.

    Ah, so he did hear about yesung. What was leeteuk thinking, asking him to come to the meeting.

    “He’s not!” Dara argued. “He’s just the same yesung we knew back then. I saw Leo carry him back, i heard him talking to Leeteuk myself!”

    “you were eavesdropping?”

    “that’s not the point -”

    CL decided to interrupt their conversation. “I’m going out!” she yelled, as she headed out the door.

    She took a step outside, and looked back.

    “G, please behave yourself at the meeting.” she slammed the door before she heard his reply.

    She ran out of the yg sector as fast she could, until she reached the border of SM’s. She stared at her watch. 4:30 . The meeting was to start at 5, she had some time. She walked into sm town, and headed straight to the cafeteria.

    “hey , CL !! long time no see!”

    ugh this voice…. CL turned to see Sunny.

    If she got the meeting invitation too, i rather kill myself then go.

    “Did you hear about the rumors?” Sunny asked cheerfully.

    “Yea i did,” CL replied with a bored monotone voice.

    “Do you think yesung is awake? Let's go visit him! Do you think he still remembers me? What if he doesn’t - “

    “Ah there you are, i’ve been trying to get you for hours! we were supposed to meet Tiffany at the hill an hour ago!” a voice cut off Sunny.

    “Oh hi Taeyeon! Were we supposed to meet Tiffany?”

    “Yes, we were! Now let’s go!” said Taeyeon as she pulled her away from CL.

    she shot an apologetic look to CL , and mouth whispered, see you at the meeting.

    CL nodded in reply.

    Thank Leeteuk that he chose quiet taeyeon than sunny!

    Taeyeon rolled her eyes.

    Oops. i forgot she can read minds…..

    Taeyeon gave her one last wink before she dragged Sunny away towards the meeting hill.

    Without looking back, CL went inside the cafeteria. A few people were sitting and socializing, but enough that CL could have time to herself quietly. She went straight to the main table, and sat down. She touched her watch, and started scrolling through the screen that had appeared in front of her.

    She searched yesung in the search bar, and nothing came up.

    She sighed.

    usually , anyone can search others, and grab basic information about the name, which part of ent they were in , their abilities, their group, and so on. Even the loners can be searched up.

    Unless the person was part of the Missing. Which… yesung was.

    The big deal was that Yesung was the very first Missing to appear again.

    And yet, there was no data about him.

    Unless his fellow group member Kyuhyun had hacked into the system… which was impossible. He had been trying to do that for years with no success.

    Frustrated, CL slammed her fist into the table.

    “Hey now, that’s no way for a lady to act…” a velvety voice came from behind.

    “Jay Park, what are you doing here?” CL asked through clenched teeth.

    Jay pulled a chair in front of her and sat down. CL flinched when she saw the black markings all over his body. So much that she could barely see his own original skin…. Only his face was clear of it, and still there she could see the black veins appearing on his neck and chin.

    Jay watched her reaction, and shrugged. “It’s taking over my body.”

    “How long….” she asked, horrified to finish the question.

    “ I don’t know how much time I have, ” he replied, with sadness in his voice. “I came to tell the rest of my former members…”

    oh right, he was once part of 2pm, so long ago….

    CL decided to change the subject. “How’s Minzy?” she asked.

    “ I haven’t heard from in her in awhile. But she hasn’t gone Missing yet, so I’m sure she is fine.”

    “Are you sure? She hasn’t gone missing?” CL asked worriedly as she searched up Minzy’s name.

    Jay pointed at the screen that came up. “Well, there’s your answer,” he smirked.

    • MINZY
    • Current status: loner.
    • Formally of 2ne1.
    • Abilities - level 1 body flexibility.
    CL sighed in relief. She then tried something that she had done many times before. she searched up Park Bom. She had expected the page to be blank and it was. She knew that Bom had gone missing years ago, but she still searched her name in vain.

    CL watched as jay stared awkwardly at the window. She turned her watch off, and she pressed the bell on the table to order her drink.

    “Do you want something?”

    “Nah, i’m good.” Jay replied.

    “You keep your contacts as watch?”

    CL looked down at her wrist. “Oh yea, I do. Usually it's a bracelet, but I thought a watch matched my outfit more today.”

    She twisted it, and in front of their eyes, it became an intertwined pink and black bracelet. She twisted it again, and it transformed into a simple watch that read 4:45 .

    “How bout you?” she asked.

    Jay smirked, and brought his hand to his ear. He pointed to his earring as a waiter came up to them - Key from shinee.

    “Hey, CL noona. Do you want your usual coffee ?” he asked. “You do need to be awake for the meeting. Onew always says you doze off.”

    CL rolled her eyes. “Me? Doze off? Ha. it's more like Onew who does!”

    Jay looked at them, confused. “There’s a meeting today? It's not friday today.”

    “uhh…” Key didn’t know how to respond.

    Apparently, the news of Yesung hadn’t reached the loners yet.

    “Key, tell Leeteuk that i’m telling what's happening to jay. The loners have a right to now. Infact, i’m surprised they don’t know yet.”

    “but what if i get in trouble?” Key started to argue. “What happened?” Jay asked harshly, at the same time.

    “Fine, I’ll mention it in the meeting. Go get my coffee, Key.”

    Key nodded and headed back to the kitchen without saying another word. Naturally, like everyone else, he was afraid of Jay Park.

    “What happened?,” Jay asked again, less harshly than last time.

    There was a pain of betrayal in his eyes, but he didn’t attack like usually did. After all, CL was one of the few allies he had in the main ENT camp.

    “Well…” CL began.

    “Wait is this about the rumors?” Jay interrupted.

    “Which rumors did you hear?” she countered, with an eyebrow arched.

    “Rumors that a Missing came back. While I was heading towards the main building, I heard BlockB’s Zico talking with his member- Park Kyung i think. Since they are friendly with us loners, he mentioned to me that there are rumors that a Missing person had shown up again.” Jay explained.

    He then frowned. . “Zico didn’t tell me who it was though.”

    “well,” CL began again. . “The rumors are true. Today, the matoki bunny scouts were on patrol when they saw someone lying on the floor. At first they thought it was the usual new trainee but it was in fact, Yesung, from Super Junior, who had gone missing for about a year now. While he was being escorted, he was seen by a patrol lead by Btob’s leader, Eunkwang, and from there word spread quickly. Leeteuk issued an emergency meeting with the senior groups, and GD was not happy with the news at all. For now, i believe that Yesung was in the med room, with Shinee leader Onew as a guard.”

    she explained to him twice the speed than the normal person would talk, just in case someone nearby was listening.

    Jay Park nodded when she was done and quietly said, “ I see. And why has noone told me or the loners?”

    “Because Leeteuk didn’t want anyone but the older senior groups to know. And, Heechul was sure that the word would have reached you anyway. Which it sort of did…..” CL glanced at her watch. 4:55 . “Shit, I’m gonna be late to the meeting!”

    She got out of her chair and ran towards the door.

    “ Jay, i give you permission to tell the other loners! I have to go. Tell Minzy that Dara and I miss her dearly, and - oh - thanks Key!”

    CL grabbed the coffee out of startled Key’s hands and ran out the door, without properly saying goodbye to Jay Park.

    He would understand. After all this was an important meeting.

    She jogged towards the main building, into the conference room. And naturally, she ran into chaos.

    She opened the door, to find Kyuhyun chasing Shindong and Eunhyuk around the room.

    “Move out of my way!” Kyuhyun hissed at CL.

    She walked around him and quietly sat down in her pink and black spiked chair, next to GDragon’s dragon designed chair.

    On the other side of Gd’s chair, Yunho was laughing at the younger trio chasing each other in circles, and Taeyeon seemed like she was half giggling, half groaning at the stupidity of the boys.

    “Gotcha! “ Kyuhyun screamed as he grabbed Shindong.

    He struggled to hold onto the larger man, and somehow, both of them tumbled onto the ground, and crashing onto Gdragon, who was napping on the floor….. As a dragon.

    As Shindong crashed into him, Gdragon roared and blew fire across the ceiling. He grabbed Kyuhyun in his claws, and flew upwards as the suju maknae was crying and begging for his life.

    This only made Yunho laugh harder, and even Doojoon, who had stayed quiet in the corner of the room, cracked a smile.

    “G ! i’m sorry i’m sorry just don’t drop me like you did with Seungri, i promise i’ll behave please please…”

    at this point Kyu was hysterical, which made Yunho dying out of laughter, rolling on the floor, tangled up in his red underwear.

    Even Doojoon and Taeyeon joined in laughing. To CL, it seemed that Taeyeon was not laughing at the fact that Gdragon was bullying Kyuhyun, but at the scene of Yunho tangled up in red underwear and almost dying.

    What a strange girl…

    “Well if I ’m strange, tell your strange boyfriend to drop down that idiot!”

    “ He’s not my boyfriend!” CL screamed in embarrassment . “And besides, if he drops that idiot, he won't have a brain! Not that he had one to begin with…”

    “Hey! I’m in charge of the tech team, you asshole!” Kyuhyun complained from above.

    “Now, Kyu, it's not nice calling others assholes,” Doojoon called from his corner.

    “That's kind of hard when you're in the air, Doojoon!” yelled Kyuhyun.

    “No need to yell, we can hear you perfectly fine,” Onew’s voice said from somewhere to the left. CL rolled her eyes, and Gd let a snort of agreement as he flew around the room.

    Kyuhyun tried begging again as GD swung him around the room. “G, please it wasn't my fault, it was Shindong hyung who crashed into you -”

    “What the hell is going on here?” Leeteuk screamed as he entered the room.

    At that, Gdragon dropped poor Kyuhyun straight at leeteuk.

    Kyuhyun closed his eyes and screamed loudly as he fell, expecting to crash into the floor. He kept screaming, and opened his eyes. He realized that he was staring at the floor, just inches away.

    Leeteuk then gently released his levitation, and Kyuhyun slumped to the floor, banging his legs on the table.

    “Thanks hyung,” Kyuhyun muttered as he got up.

    “Apologize to GD.” Leeteuk replied.

    CL let out a snicker, and Leeteuk shot her look. She sipped on her coffee as she crossed her legs, not looking in his direction.

    “But hyung, it was Eunhyuk and Shindong hyungs fault, they started it - “

    “i don't care, apologize to GD.”

    Kyuhyun sighed and gave up. “I'm sorry, G."

    “Apology not accepted.” Gdragon said, finally human. He patted his ruffled red hair down.

    Leeteuk ignored him, and snapped his fingers twice. Both Shindong and Eunhyuk floated in the air from where they were hiding.

    “Both of you have clean up duty today. And 3 days worth of dawn patrols.” Leeteuk ordered sternly.

    Then he dropped them, not so gently like he did with Kyuhyun.


    “but hyung -”


    CL knew automatically that Doojoon had used his noise cancellation, as she saw the 2 suju member’s mouth moving, but couldn't hear a thing.

    Yunho nodded towards leeteuk as a greeting, and asked, “ how do you deal with them ?”

    “ I don't,” came Leeteuk ’s tired reply. “thanks Doojoon.”

    Doojoon just shrugged. “I can barely handle my 4 members, I don't know how you handle 10……”

    “Like I said, I don't.” Leeteuk replied again.

    He sat down in his sapphire chair tiredly.

    “hey leeteuk,”CL started, but he cut her off.

    “Yea i know. You told Jay Park about Yesung. I met him on the way here actually. He's gonna attend the meeting with us.”

    CL arched her eyebrow.

    “will Jun.K allow it?” she asked.

    “I already sent him a message,” Leeteuk said while touching his sapphire ring.

    “This meeting will be interesting," Taeyeon commented quietly, as she stared at the noiseless suju members arguing.

    "I already bet doojoon 3 days of dawn patrols that CL will fall asleep before onew!" Gdragon exclaimed as he sat in his chair.

    Doojoon didn't reply to him, but he did slightly smirked CL.

    Ugh boys.

    Slowly, more people came to join them - the rest of suju members, Taeyeon’s fellow member Yoona, Jay Park, Infinite’s leader Sunggyu, Hyuna , Amber and Luna , and Ft Island’s leader Hongki.

    As the people sat down in their own chairs around the table, Doojoon slowly decreased the cancellation, and voices could be softly heard.

    Even the suju members had stopped arguing for once, they were all talking seriously about yesung.

    Hyuna and Luna seemed to be talking about Jay Park, who shifted uncomfortably in his guest chair.

    Onew appeared on his seat, and nodded to Leeteuk. “Can we started the meeting now?”

    CL shook her head. She pointed at the empty chair two seats down. “JunK isn't here yet.”

    “Do you think he'll even come? After Jay’s here,” Gdragon whispered.

    As if in answer, the doors opened, and everyone fell silent. JunK strode in., along with his fellow 2pm members, Taecyeon , Wooyoung, and Chansung.

    Leeteuk tilted his head in confusion in why he had brought his members, but didn't say anything against it as JunK took his seat in between Doojoon and Onew.

    The rest of the 2pm members sat in the guest section along with Jay park, Hyuna, Yoona, Luna and Amber, as the end of the table were for leaders only.

    JunK nodded towards Leeteuk. CL sucked in her breath, nervously. After all, like Taeyeon said, this meeting will be interesting.

    Leeteuk stood up.

    “let the meeting begin!” he declared.

    And so it began.
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    So far it seems okay, minus all the grammar related mistakes and such.

    The first part you use a lot of dialogue-maybe add in some descriptions? For me just whole sections of dialogue can get a little boring, but that's also my personal writing preference.
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    I added more! What do you think? If youre confused, which you probably will, i put in the other chapters in the 1st post!

    “Why do you guys have so many patrols?” yesung asked curiously, not noticing sunggyu and onew coming in.

    keep him busy, taemin.

    Fine, taemin replied back internally, realizing why sunggyu was with him. He gave nothing away at all as spoke with yesung.

    “There are threats that appear around the borders. If we don’t keep an eye, people can die. Tvxq made a system of patrolling, and we’ve doing it since,” taemin clarified.

    He then asked yesung, “ do you want to go on a patrol with us tomorrow?”

    at the same time, onew hissed at sunggyu to move.

    Sunggyu who was singing a lullaby, started yawning. Yesung didn’t even answer taemin’s question. He yawned along with sunggyu, and had closed his eyes. By the time he walked up to the bed, yesung had already fallen limp and was breathing evenly.

    Sunggyu touched his forehead, and whispered, “sleep. Sleep untill leeteuk touches your forehead, hyung.” and just like that, yesung fell asleep.

    taemin and onew tucked the sleep induced yesung in bed, and nodded thanks to sunggyu.

    “Onew, you owe me big time,” sunggyu sneered.

    “Thanks, hyung. I do owe you,” onew answered.

    “I’m grabbing a drink at the cafeteria before i head in the meeting. You want anything?”

    onew shook his head. “I’ll see you there then,” sunggyu grunted at him. He high fived taemin goodbye, and teleported out of the room.

    Onew blinked and shook his head to himself.

    Is there anything bothering you hyung?

    no , tae. Im fine. Keep a watch on yesung hyung, while we’re at the meeting. Don’t let the younger kids get in.

    taemin nodded, and pulled the chair by the window. Onew gave him one last look before walking out into the corridor . he turned left, and opened the door to the conference room. He didn’t expect it to be peaceful at all, and as usual, he was right.

    Onew instinctively turned invisible as he processed the situation in the large room. Kyuhyun was somehow dangling in gdragon’s claws, and was screaming for his life as the dragon boy flew around the room at a lazy speed. Yunho hyung was on the floor, tangled up in red underwear, struggling to breathe. Eunhyuk and shindong were nowhere to be found, and yet their bickering could be heard. The only girls in the room, CL and taeyeon, were arguing if kyuhyun had a brain, which brought a yelling of curses from kyuhyun in the air. And doojoon, who was probably the only sane person other than onew in the room, only gently chided kyuhyun about calling people assholes. Of course, the response was only more yelling from the maknae.

    “no need to yell, we can hear you perfectly fine,” onew snapped as he walked to his seat. The aqua blue chair was studed with jewels and stars.

    Key must have changed the design without telling me again.

    As he settled down in the seat, onew took a moment to rethink, trying his best to ignore the rest of the people in the room, including leeteuk who had just came in. he listed the most recent people who had gone Missing - members of 4minute, infinite member hoya, sungmin hyung from suju, fellow f(x)’s leader victoria, the groups teentop and missA as a whole, bigbang sunbae’s top, the list went on and on. Even the oldest loner, psy, who had only recently left the yg sector, disappeared. Both kangin hyung and jay park’s time was limited, who knows when will they be lost to the Darkness. The darkness had taken so much of the body that Kangin hyung couldn’t even talk anymore. Yesung and Top were once like that as well. Onew shuddered at the mere thought of it. They had so much darkness in them, and everyone thought that it would take them away. Instead, one day, both of them went missing. Both gdragon and leeteuk were devastated. They almost lost their will to lead the rest of the people.

    Onew blinked, as he remembered what yesung had asked earlier in the med room.

    “Do any of you guys know why you are here?”

    “We don’t actually. One day we just appeared in this world. Forgetting how we got here, and why we were here. And there were people who were here before us, and they lead us into this world.”

    as he stared at the many different people coming in the room, onew’s memories came back, as if it were just yesterday.

    The time when even leeteuk and gdragon were once trainees along with everyone else in this room. When leeteuk, heechul, and hongki had often argued their heads off over the smallest thing. When leeteuk always comforted onew whenever he had listened to the lies that the darkness whispered to him. When gdragon stood his ground when the camp turned their back on daesung. When jay park and jun.k lead 2pm together with joy and laughter. When 2ne1 and 4minute were the badass rebels, f(x) not far behind. When snsd wasn’t broken, but a sisterhood of 9 girls.

    The lost times swirled in onew’s mind as he heard the commotion. He snapped back into reality, and stared in shock at the guest who had came in. jay park.

    Oh boy, its gonna be so much fun when jun.k gets in here…. taeyeon snorted. Onew shot a glance at leeteuk greeting the unwanted guest.

    Unwanted was an understatement. Hyuna was reeking with cold rage, and only luna was holding her back, but she had her fangs out, ready to attack. Not far from them, amber looked nervous, like she didn’t want to be here. The rest of super junior spread out in a defensive line around the girls with their hands raised, as if jay park was going to launch himself at them. The room only got colder.

    Probably hyuna changing it without noticing.

    A few seats down, onew saw doojoon stay calm like always, but he still had the look of disapproval on his face. Yunho looked like he was gonna say something, but sunggyu cut him off as he yawned. Yunho couldn’t help but yawn with him, but it didn’t help him relax at all.

    Somehow, everyone was silent, but then onew realized that doojoon was using his noise cancellation around the leader side of the table.

    He continued to watch as leeteuk explained to the rest of the guests why the infamous loner was here. In the midst of the everyone calming down, hongki came in with a bottle soju, already tipsy. He slapped jay park a happy high five, and the latter looked uncomfortable, but he still returned the greeting. Onew heard gdragon snort in amusement at how unfitting the ft island leader was. “

    Where’s onew?” leeteuk’s worn voice asked as he walked up to his seat.

    Oops. i forgot im still invisible.

    “can we started the meeting now?” onew asked as he reappeared in his seat.

    To his right, CL shook her head. She pointed at the empty chair next to him. “jun k isn't here yet.” gdragon was in the midst of whispering something to her when the door opened. Again the temperature of the room seemed like ice, but this time it wasn’t from hyuna, but from the looks that the 2pm members gave towards to jay park as they came in.

    jun.k strode towards the leaders with a cold face, but didn’t say anything to them as he sat down in his dark gray chair.

    The room was utterly quiet as leeteuk stood up, declaring, “Let the meeting begin!” .

    For a moment noone spoke, and then the room exploded with anger.

    “Leeteuk what were you thinking-”

    “why is he here?”

    “is it true? That yesung is back?”

    “when can we see our hyung?”

    “hyuna, its steaming hot in here, calm down!”

    “this traitor -”

    “QUIET!!” doojoon screamed in anger.

    Everyone looked at him in shock. Leeteuk shot him a concerned look, and his mouth was moving, but no noise came out.

    oops , doojoon mouthed to onew and jun.k . onew shot him a grin, but jun.k had the same cold face, and motioned to him. Doojoon nodded.

    “Speak,” he said in an apologetic voice.

    Noone seemed to talk but instead gave each other heated stares. leeteuk cleared his throat and spoke.

    “ i brought you all here today to discuss important matters. today , when the matoki bunny scouts were on patrol for the new trainee, we found someone else instead. We found yesung, who had gone missing for about a year now.”

    leeteuk avoided the fact that yesung was his fellow member, but noone commented on it as they already knew. Onew gave him an encouraging look, and he continued with a shaky breath.

    “ he doesn’t remember his time in the ENT, nor does he know anything of us….”

    “actually….” onew mumbled.

    “What did you do?” heechul asked accusingly from the other side of the table.

    “ i told him what we would tell to any other trainee. And then.. I told him what he was like before.”

    “you did what?” shindong shrieked. The rest of the suju members looked just as angry.

    “ i was explaining to him how people had different abilities, and he asked if he had one before, and i told him,” onew rambled quickly.

    Oh i hate being the center of the attention.

    Leeteuk didn’t look mad, but he investigated further. “Did he remember that he was here before?”

    “i think he knows that he has a connection to this place,” onew replied earnestly .

    “like he knows your name, hyung,” heechul spoke thoughtfully. “You said that he remembered your name, but doesn’t know why.”

    leeteuk nodded.

    Yoona looked confused. “But why does he only remember your name, leeteuk? Did he mention any of us?”

    leeteuk shook her head at her.

    “No. when Leo brought him in, he mentioned that yesung didn’t know anything, and acted like a new trainee would. It only triggered to him when i said my name to him.”

    donghae, who also hated being in the center of attention like onew, spoke up quietly. “So if we expose to him what he had before, like us members and his friends, he will remember?”

    “but if we expose everything to him, it might be a threat to us,” gdragon hissed.

    CL kicked his chair in disapproval, and one of the dragons on his chair came alive and snapped at her.

    jun k. Ignored them, and said something. “If he remembers as he is exposed, then we should keep jay park away.”

    jay park snapped awake at the mention of his name.

    “ you want to get rid of me that much?” he snapped.

    “But not just jay park, but kangin hyung too,” siwon suggested, catching on to what jun.k was saying.

    “Aaand i’m lost…..” amber said out loud.

    Leeteuk looked confused as welll. “Explain…..”

    “ well, both jay park and kangin have the darkness in them. Let’s say that donghae hyung’s suggestion is true. If yesung encounters and spends time with jay park , kangin, or anyone else who has the darkness, it might trigger his mind to remember the time when he himself had the darkness inside of him,” jun.k reasoned. “i’m not trying to get rid of you jay. I don’t hate you that much. But we can’t lose yesung again. Not the fact the that he is a Missing, but i’m pointing at the fact the fact that he had the darkness inside of him. We don’t need anyone else to go through the battle and lose….”

    onew hissed at his statement. It was way too early to say that infront of him.

    “I’m sorry....” jun.k apologized. He sounded genuine.

    Onew just ignored him as he reached across the table. He grabbed the soju bottle from hongki who was already knocked out. Next to him, sunggyu looked distracted as played with the different infinite loops on the arm of his golden chair. Onew took a swing of the bottle and glupped 3 mouthfuls before the bottle was levitated out of his hands. Leeteuk glared at him, but didn't say anything.

    “ so what are we going to -” hyuna’s question was never finished as the alarm for danger blared out in the room.

    It surprised everyone, and it momentary caused leeteuk to lose focus of the soju bottle in the air. Gravity pulled it down, and sunggyu teleported , grabbing the stunned onew out of the way. The glass bottle shattered on the aqua blue chair, and leeteuk snapped out of it. He raised the biggest pieces of the shattered glass as a defensive wall around sunggyu and onwe . gdragon who had turned into his dragon form, perched on b1a4’s skull chair hanging on the the wall. Even hongki, who was drunk during the meeting, snapped out his contacts as a dagger and crouched in an offensive pose, ready to attack. Battle howls from outside could heard.

    “Exo,” donghae murmured. Around the room onew saw the others tense up.

    CL and yunho scrolled through the emergency screen that popped out, and kyuhyun was furiously backing them, complaining about the technology. The alarm continued to ring , and suddenly changed into the noises of the battle, mingled with screaming. Onew recognized the voice screaming. It was s.coups , leader of seventeen, one of the older trainee groups.

    “Found it!” CL shirecked. “it s in the pledis sector!” yunho yelled confmring CL.

    everybody, even jay park, looked at leeteuk for orders.

    “ 2pm, doojoon , sunggyu, grab the rest of your members and take in charge of the battle! GD, i want you to do a perimeter in the sky, with daesung if u can! CL, hyuna check for injured and get them to safety! kyu get in contact with everyone else. Luna and amber, take care of the younger trainees and make sure they don’t get in the battle, and yoona, taeyeon, grab you members and take care of the injured that CL and hyuna send you. onew, guard the med room with the rest of shinee! Everyone else you're with me, spread out throughout camp, jay park, contact the loners and join the battle!”

    everyone moved as one as leeteuk’s orders were given. As onew started to run towards the med room, leeteuk grabbed his arm.

    “Please…. Please take care of yesung for me, i trust noone else.”

    onew nodded. “I will.” i promise.
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    That does read a little better! I also think a little description between long dialogue is helpful for getting to know the characters as well :)
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    Taeyong’s arms
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    Thank you! I only recently started to take art seriously, is there anything I could improve on?
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    Maybe you could start training on drawing more different types of expressions to vary your work ^^

    drawing technique wise
    - The necks for the face sizes you tend to go for seem a bit too long and too wide

    apart from that everything else seems okay~
    but then again i'm not the best person to ask considering my main focus is on graphics ><
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  13. Jimimi17

    Jimimi17 Married to @cp26

    May 20, 2018
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    #1 Jimin Stan/Worshipper
    Taeyong’s arms
    Ok! Thank you so much, ily <3
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  14. StarlightMonbebe

    StarlightMonbebe Trendsetter

    Jul 26, 2017
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    Lost in a galaxy of floating stars
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  15. Jimimi17

    Jimimi17 Married to @cp26

    May 20, 2018
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    #1 Jimin Stan/Worshipper
    Taeyong’s arms
    thank you !!! :omgr: do you have any critiques for me?
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  16. StarlightMonbebe

    StarlightMonbebe Trendsetter

    Jul 26, 2017
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    Lost in a galaxy of floating stars
    I'm not that good of an artist and I have a lot of areas to improve on myself, but I can give it a try....? I notice you don't really experiment a lot with your expressions/emotions, like most of the people you draw have the same lips and blank look on their faces? So maybe you could practice on making people smile and be happy, or upset, or angry...
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  17. Jimimi17

    Jimimi17 Married to @cp26

    May 20, 2018
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    #1 Jimin Stan/Worshipper
    Taeyong’s arms
    Yeah I need to work on that:( thank you <3
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  18. StarlightMonbebe

    StarlightMonbebe Trendsetter

    Jul 26, 2017
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    Lost in a galaxy of floating stars
    I did a show of my art over the course of 2018~

    (if anyone is interested in seeing what I worked on over the various months)(umm..it should be a link??? I don't know TT)
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  19. Jimimi17

    Jimimi17 Married to @cp26

    May 20, 2018
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    #1 Jimin Stan/Worshipper
    Taeyong’s arms
    CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! That drawing of angel Minho? UWU! And I really liked the fourth one you did, with the butterfly. The colors you did for the flowers are so pretty argh!!!
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  20. StarlightMonbebe

    StarlightMonbebe Trendsetter

    Jul 26, 2017
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    Lost in a galaxy of floating stars
    Wahhh, thank you so much!!! Aha I'm really proud of the butterfly one >.<.
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