The guy she loves, was actually gay ... oh my what an ending

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    So I was finishing of (finally) with the last book of 3 from a German artist. In her story a girl around 16 years old that saw how her friends and clasmates allready looked like young adult females with long hair, tall, big boobs etc. was liking a dude that worked in a shop. She was afraid he could not like her so she gave up untill she found a videogame, bought it and oneday as she started to play the game she was send into a kind of paraleluniverse.

    Inside this other universe she met characters like a pig that wished to be a wolf, but that pig was drawn like if it turned into a human, a human version of a sheep and a human version of a goat and a human version of a cow and so on... The girl that is the main character had to play games like in videogames to win something. So for example after finishing a "zela"-like game she got bigger boobs and for the next task she finished she got as gift that she grew a bit etc.

    At the end it was said she would finish off with that she now can achive her dream for wich she used to play all of these games. It was ment she could now finally come together with the boy she loves. But oh well. So she dressed herself up and waited for him in the park, but instead of that he went to her, it came out that the boy she loved was actually gay.

    So she did all of this for nothing and just could've waited for her normal puperty instead but ...

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