The fact I nearly got detention right before the lockdown

Discussion in 'School Life' started by kpopfantototo, Oct 4, 2020.

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    So in my school you get sort of “warning points” (I don’t think there’s an English word for it). You cant et them for chit chatting in class or forgetting to do your homework or leaving your book or notebook at home (that depends on if your teacher is nice or not) and if you get 3 WPs you get detention or if you did something really bad a teacher can apply you for detention . Was back on March 13 (my last normal school day) I already had two other WPs for forgetting my notebook and not doing my homework once and March 13 2020 was a day I had a series of misfortunes so I forgot my French notebook but i left my ID (again no translation for it) home so she couldn’t write it there and she said “ then I’ll write it on Monday” except I never went to school on Monday cuz on Saturday my country announced that they were going on lockdown so I’m sort of lucky cuz if had gotten one I would have gotten yelled at by my mom (like ever time I got a wp)
    And I was also gonna get detention and I never got detention and I would get yelled at even more cuz of that

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