[The Dark Side Of The Industry] Why Our Favs Need To Constantly Do Well

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    Some Agency's are fair.. others less so.
    What many don't know, is that there are different income levels for a group, depending on activity.
    I'll give 2NE1 as an example.

    Okay, so basically 2NE1 went into a sort of hiatus at the end of 2014.
    During 2015-2016 their individual contracts were up.

    Now, we don't know all the reasons Minzy did not re-sign, but part of it was money.
    YG paid their established artists a certain wage, based on their activity. In short, 2NE1 made more money, during active promotions, then when they were not promoting. (Outside of appearances, concerts, CF..ect..)

    So Minzy was in a situation where she would have a lower income. 2NE1 was up in the air, no CB in sight, Dara, CL had other things going on. Minzy did not even get a song to promote.

    So for her, it looks like her earning potential was being hurt, and money talks, bullshit walks.
    I suspect YG did not offer her enough, and combined with other things...this pushed her to leave YG.

    When a group is not promoting, or opportunities are limited, they are making less money.
    Combine with smaller agencies and smaller budgets, you can see how it's not all Glamour and Roses.
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