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    Park Junhee-stan| Stan A.C.E stan talent!
    Special is a Taiwanese Mandopop boygroup that had their debute in 2012 as a 12 members group. Simon, Riley and Zhiwei allready left the group. In 2015 SpeXial was fetured on a single and in an MV together by the Japanese vocal Ayumi Hamasaki.


    Name: Wes (Luo Hong Zheng)
    Age: 29 (29.07.1989)
    Position: Leader, sub vocalist
    Height: 1,85m
    Weight: 75kg
    -Has an younger brother
    -He was in another group before
    -He has asthma
    -Loves sleeping
    -Is scared of eating insects
    -Loves candy
    -Loves Sci-Fi movies
    -He thinks that his shoulders are his best feature
    -His favourite number is 7
    -He used to work as a model

    Name: Wayne (Huang Wei Jin)
    Age: 27 (23.05.1990)
    Position: Main Vocal
    Height: 1,82m
    Weight: 69kg
    -He has an older sister
    -His favourite color is black
    -His favourite food is Hot Pot
    -his favourite sport is running
    -He collects points at the convenient store
    -His ideal type are natural girls

    Name: Matthew (Xu Ming Jie)
    Age: 25 (12.05.1993)
    Position: Lead dancer, lead vocalist
    Height: 1,79m
    Weight: 70kg

    -He has no siblings
    -His favourite singer is Adam Lambert
    -He loves listening to music
    He loves playing basketball
    -He likes to play videogames
    -The most important person in his life is his mom
    -His favourite season is Winter
    -He wants to open up a small restaurant

    Name: Sam (Lin Zi Hong)
    Age: 24 (01.10.1993)
    Height: 1,81m
    Weight: 65kg
    Position: Visuals, raper
    -He has an older sister
    -His most favourite singer is Fish Leong
    -His favourite color is red
    -His favourite sport is running
    -His favourite food is creamy soup
    -His ideal type is a strong and confident woman

    Name: Evan (Ma Zhen Huan)
    Age: 25 (19.12.1992)
    Height: 1,85m
    Weight: 73kg
    Position: Main vocal

    -He has ni siblings
    -He is flently in English
    -His family went to Vencouver, Canada as he was 2 years old
    -He likes to read manga
    -He likes singing
    -His ideal type is a sweet and cute girl
    -His favourite color is blue


    Name: Teddy (Cheng Xiang Xi)
    Age: 24 (15.10.1993)
    Height: 1,84m
    Weight: 70kg
    Position: Sub vocalist
    -He has no siblings
    -He lived in Shanghai for a year
    -His most favourite color is blue
    -His ideal type is a elegent woman
    -He likes to go shopping
    He likes to watch movies

    Name: Ian (Yi Bo Chen)
    Age: 21 (19.10.1996)

    Height: 1,82m
    Weight: 68kg
    Position: Sub vocal, youngest

    -He has no siblings
    -He was a trainee for many years before he came to SpeXial
    -His ideal type is a elegent girl
    -He is very good in beat boxing
    -His favourite color is black
    -He is a very optmistic person

    Name: Win (Real name is unknown)
    Age: 26 (12.02.1992)
    Height: 1,89m
    Weight: 75kg
    Position: sub vocal
    -He is Japanese
    -He is from Japan
    -He has no siblings
    -His ideal type are girls with short hair
    -His favourite color is green
    -He wished he was fluently in Chinese
    -He is a model


    Name: Simon (Lian Chen Xiang)
    Age: 26 (03.01.1992)
    Height: 1,82m
    Weight: 69kg
    Position: Visuals, lead vocalist

    -He has no siblings
    -He gets called "Peter Pan" by the fans
    -His favourite color is purple
    -He worked as an sale sasistant before
    -He loves to rap
    -He loves to play basketball
    -He likes shopping

    Name: Riley (Wang Yi Lun)
    Age: 21 (18.05.1996)
    Height: 1,82m
    Weight: 62kg
    Position: Sub vocal
    -His English name is Wang Riley
    -He he has no siblings
    -He speaks fluently English
    -His family moved to Canada
    -He is an actor
    -His most favourite color is black
    -He loves to go shopping
    -Even if he looks like a cool guy, he is also very romantic
    -His rolemodel is Arnold Schwarzeneger
    -His ideal type is a cheerfull girl

    Name: Zhiwei (Zhao Zhiwei)
    Age: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Position: Sub vocal
    Facts: -

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    Isnt Dylan also a member?:whatr:
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    Don't forget about their dramas together.

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