Taichi Kokobun breaks down on TV regarding Johnny Kitagawa's death

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    Earlier in the day news broke that the founder of Johnny & Associates, Johnny Kitagawa, had died due to a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Due to the extremely private nature of Johnny’s talents, none of them were able to share reactions or statements via social media or their own other method.
    The first reaction finally came the following morning from TOKIO member Taichi Kokobun, who is a host on the popular TBS news show “Vivito“. When the topic of Johnny’s passing came up Taichi wasn’t able to contain himself, as he dramatically began to shed tears. Taichi heard of his passing via a phone call.
    The two first met when Taichi was only 13 years old, and had his start in the typical manner for Johnny’s talents. Beginning as a backup dancer for Hikaru Genji, he eventually became a member of TOKIO in 1990 playing the keyboards. 4 years later they had their official debut with the single “Love You Only”
    Taichi thanked Johnny for the opportunity for giving him a career, and is still unable to process everything. Check out clips of reaction below:

    Netizen react:

    Aramajapan user Al wrote:

    When Stalin died, millions of Russians cried. Some because they thought he was a great man that brought Russia into the modern, industrial age. This was, in fact, one of his legacies. However, the vast majority realized that finally, his reign of terror was over and that, just maybe, they could start speaking, acting and be treated like normal human beings again.

    I don't know Kokobun-san but, I do know that people react in many different ways to a situation. Was he abused or was he simply one of the lucky few that managed to make it without being molested? Either way, his emotions are real. Victim or not, let's not judge someone on the basis of his reaction to the death of a person that helped him to get to where he is even if that person was a terrible excuse for a human being.

    Aramajapan user light wrote:

    I would like people to stop assuming all Johnny's were molested, or try to guess who was abused and who not, it's gross.

    Aramajapan user hasawa wrote:

    I wish he had the same energy to cry over Kitagawa's victims.

    Aramajapan user Merkypie wrote:

    I can barely hear the video, but for those who are wondering what Taichi is saying, its basically:

    that as been reported, Johnny died over the night at the age of 87 and that he's sorry to Johnny for appearing on the program in such a distraught appearance. he first met Johnny at the age of 13, which would make that 31 years ago, and in those 31 years Johnny has taught him the highs and lows of the entertainment industry. when he started the show he's on right now, johnny continuously guided him. the words that johnny told him, " you gotta do it ", always stay within his heart and that it was those words within the agency that all the talent live by -- to challenge themselves and do whatever you can do. he's not just only grateful, but he's thankful to johnny.

    Aramajapan user disgus_fnwCMQDX7u wrote:

    good actor

    Aramajapan user baily darbii wrote:

    boy if you don't stop cryin!

    Aramajapan user eplizo wrote:


    Aramajapan user neko wrote:

    come one people I just see Johnnys and ex Johnnys kind words to Johnny
    It seem a lot of them loved him as a father, I Don´t know if accusation where true, I only know boys looks sad and a person die, so respect people

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    Hmmm, I don’t know how his relationship with Johnny was but if he was abused it would be a form of emotional release to hear that the abuser has died. These boys were scouted young and groomed. Also, I don’t think he would be able to speak up about anything at this moment since Johnny just passed. Would be seen as very disrespectful even if Johnny was an abuser.
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