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Your favourite song from the album?

  1. Addict

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  2. Siren

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  3. Curve

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  4. Black Pearl

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  5. Gashina

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  6. Heroine

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  7. Secret Tape

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  1. EazyC

    EazyC ♔Slytherin Queen♔

    Jun 6, 2017
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    。⋆୨୧˚Driving Momo's Pink Lamborghini˚୨୧⋆。
    I have been loving this album lately and I haven't seen much about it so I thought I would review it! Are there any other albums you would like me to review? Or a group to review(if a group then give details on what to check out).


    I give this a 6.5/10,this isn't my style and I didn't like the beginning of the song. I found it more likable the more the song went on. It was ok for an intro song and it shows good versatility on the album and she has something for everyone on the album. Not a bad song just not my style at all.


    I give this a 10/10,this song has been in my head ever since I heard it,has to be one of my favourite title tracks from Sunmi ever. The English lines she placed in the song fit it so well and made it even more catchy. I find the beat in the beginning(idk how to describe it) but it plays through out the song and I love that part. It also gives me a very 80s feel which I absolutely love!! The lalala part is amazing as well,she added that at the right time.


    I give this a 10/10,this is my favourite song from Sunmi,it is just so good. Her voice sounds so amazing,and I love how the part in the song where she talks/raps it breaks the song up well. The piano in the song also gives this song quite a jazzy feel to it. Honestly it is just perfection and I wish this was the title track to be honest.

    4.Black Pearl

    I give this a 7/10. It is a good song but just average,it has a catchy feel to it and the beat is quite minimalistic. I love the saxophone in it,I am glad she added it or I feel like the song would of flat lined. So overall is a good song but average.


    I give this a 9/10. I love this song,the beat is catchy and Sunmi slayed it vocally. The chorus makes this song for me,I just love the beat drop. Also I do love the lyrics and the dance. It was one of my favourite solo songs of 2017! I also love how it slows down during the ending of the song,it was a good way to break up the song. It just makes me want to dance.


    I give this a 7/10,it isn't a bad song and it is very catchy. It isn't my favourite from her. I think it is just ok,I can see why people like it! She vocally slays it and the choreography is amazing(like always). The beat drop is also really good.

    7.Secret Tape

    I give this an 8.5/10,this song is so sweet and relaxing in the beginning. Iove the guitar in it,but then it breaks off in to this big song but still has quite a relaxed element to it. I love how it jumps from a relaxing song to a strong one back to a relaxing one. I think it is the perfect outro song and has a balance I think a lot of people with different tastes can enjoy!

    Overall: I give this album a 9/10! This album is amazing and I think has a lot of styles that could suit a lot of people. There is something there for everyone. She has some really strong songs on there and has a very good b-side. I really enjoyed this album actually, it is one of my favourite ones from 2018 so far!
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  2. godvelvet

    godvelvet Married to @Drug

    May 18, 2017
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    i would rate it overall 8. it's really good album
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