Some Chinese music I found in the last months

Discussion in 'C-POP' started by JiminieKookie, Nov 25, 2018.

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    OK it is all music from the Taiwanese company called HiM now because I was to lazy to research for more companys lol

    Artist: Aaron Yan
    Song: Dear Monster
    Released on YT: 19.09.2018
    Views: 977.533
    Type of song: Pop-Rock, Ballad

    Artist: Boon Hui Lu
    Song: My Present Is Not A Dream
    Released on YT: 24.01.2018
    Views: 312.114
    Type of song: Pop-Rock, Rap

    Artist: Prince Chiu
    Song: 愛正在發生 (titletrack of drama "Atention love!")
    Released on YT: 30.07.2017
    Views: 4.365.962
    Type of song: Pop, Pop-Rock

    Prince Chiu is the dude you can see in the MV because he even played the male main character of that drama. His voice dosn't really matches his face tho

    Artist: Calvin Chen
    Song: IN
    Relased on YT: 04.05.2017
    Views: 51.141
    Type of song: Hip-Hop, RnB, Rap

    The dancers in this MV are members from the Taiwanese BG called SpeXial

    Artist: Selina
    Song: 3.1415...
    Released on YT: 18.01.2015
    Views: 2.075.865
    Type of song: Pop

    Artist: Jeno Liu feat. Yoga Lin
    Song: Legend
    Released on YT: 29.10.2013 (But the song seems to be way older)
    Views: 387.444
    Type of song: Pop, Ballad

    Artist: Popu Lady
    Song: Love Bomb
    Released on YT: 05.09.2013
    Views: 5.497.629
    Type of song: Pop

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