SO.ON Project's 5th Generation is Graduating (And some huge changes)

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    I started following the group when the 3rd Generation are seniors, meaning the lineup was made of 3rd, 4th, and 5th gens. This is the last generation remaining from when I became a fan. It'll be an entirely different group for me.

    I've been a bit bad about following the new generations, really doing my research and picking favorites. I'm definitely going to have to get on that now. My original 6th Gen. favorite was Takahashi Misako, but she was one of those members who left a few months after joining. I never really picked a new one, and I only have a few I like. As for 7th Gen, I'm lost.

    It's sad seeing some of my long-time babies go. I guess it's a bit less harsh, since my ultimate favorite, Princess Nakahara Ai, left months ago when she got a deal as a musical actress (of all things). But bidding goodbye to Sejima Yui (helium voice wota), Sayama Nozomi (strawberry girl), and Fukuta Reika (TRWNS: The Reika Who Never Smiles) will be a challenge. Hiroyama Miho, a recent favorite who just joined this year, will also be making an untimely graduation.

    Of course, it's a new beginning, and we'll be seeing our 8th Gen. make their entrance in the next few months. Which, owning the SoPro Wiki, means a lot of work for me. Whew...

    The silver lining, though, is getting to see the futures of all these members. Nobody at semi-viral level like Maeda Mitsuki and Hoshika Risa comes from this year, but plenty of girls with potential. Hiroyama Miho has been quite expressive about her dream to join NMB48, and I'll be waiting patiently for her (they do have an audition going).

    BUT LET'S FINALLY GET TO THE ACTUAL NEWS! (Yes, we're not even there yet.)
    To even further push the idea that this is going to be an entirely different group for me, the My School and High Color teams will be retired, in favor of three new teams: Team One Heart, Team So-Da, and Team Myidol. Are you scared yet?!
    On top of that, they will also be starting Fukuoka and Tokyo public relations projects, which probably entails exactly what you think it will: activities and stuff. Whether the members of these branches will be made up of members from other sections or an entirely different lineup I am unsure.
    New captains are below:
    SO.ON Project 6th Generation Leader: Ikeda Suzuka
    SO.ON Project 6th Generation Vice-Leaders: Sugimoto Kasumi, Ishii Momoka
    SO.ON project 6th Generation Class President: Harima Mana

    Team One Heart Captain: Sakamoto Nanami
    Team One Heart Vice-Captains: Nogi Mizuki, Maeda Konomi
    Team One Heart Public Relations Committee: Terada Aoi

    Team So-Da Captain: Honda Rin
    Team So-Da Vice-Captains: Katsube Erina, Sato Aoi
    TEAM So-Da Public Relations Committee: Nakanishi Yuka

    Team Myidol Captain: Hoshika Risa
    Team Myidol Vice-Captains: Hamagami Saya, Ikeda Mizuki
    Team Myidol Public Relations Committee: Nishida Ena

    SO.ON project Fukuoka Branch Manager: Matsuda Miyu
    SO.ON project Fukuoka Branch Public Relations Committee: Muroi Koumi
    SO.ON project Fukuoka Branch Class President: Konomi Himawari
    These are all new-ish members who were brought in mid-year, presumably for this purpose.

    SO.ON Project Tokyo Branch Manager: Nakayama Karin
    Nakayama Karin is an entirely new member.

    From what I can gather, Team So-Da is basically High Color's equivalent, having a cooler image, while Team Myidol has a traditional idol style. Team One Heart is anyone's guess.

    Meanwhile, a new unit called on and Go! will be formed with Inada Hiyori, Sejima Yui, Kawabata Nagisa, Terada Aoi, and Nishida Ena, which will be separate from SoPro. The members who won't be graduating this year (Aoi and Ena) will continue activities in SoPro at the same time. Their website is here.

    Perhaps most importantly: The 5th Gen's final event will be held on April 21st at Osakajo Hall.
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