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    I wrote english lyrics to WINNER's Pricked and yeah.. idk.

    for anyone that wants to read it:


    Verse 1
    I created this labyrinth of roses
    Planted with our memories
    Grown from your divine presence
    It bloomed of red fluorescence
    So beautiful it swallowed the darkness
    Leading me to you, I wanted to stay here forever
    Why did you let go, now it's diminishing
    And I become senseless (yeah)

    Tell me, tell me, why, why
    Am I walking on the road of despair?
    You know, you know, why, why
    My heart that once held you now has love thorns

    I encounter the rose, etched with our names
    It's petals are falling down
    Will I not see you again? (Where you at?)
    You, who I cannot touch

    If I speak a little slower,
    Then will time decelerate
    Will my pain start to negate?
    Can I please hold on
    Before you're completely gone

    (Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh)
    Why is every smile accompanied by a tear
    (Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh)
    Is it because my eyes are speaking with fear?

    Verse 2
    I can't tell if its day or night,
    I'll never have peace anymore
    Every second is a torturous reality of regret
    Even in my sleep your thorns prick me
    You’re a broken dream I cannot dream again
    No matter how much fiction I create
    I need someone who doesn’t need me
    Now I'm forced to dream without your light
    Reliving anguish without you in sight
    I'm tormented by these regrets till I lose my mind
    I become a breath that cannot be breathed
    I still say goodbye as my heart will cry
    These scars stay with me till I die
    (I can’t forget)

    Tell me, tell me, why, why
    Am I barely hanging on the edge of despair?
    You know, you know, why, why
    Your love thorns have spread throughout my body

    I'm pricked by memories of our past
    I'm hurting with thorns you cast
    These are traces you left behind (Where you at?)
    And the more that I search,

    The deeper my wounds open and grow
    Till this day there's so much I can't show
    It hurts heavily, can you please wait?
    So I won’t forget you in this pain

    (Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh)
    Why am I surrounded by a thick fog of loneliness
    (Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh)
    Is it because after everything I gave you, I can’t regress?

    You burned this labyrinth of roses
    That has shriveled until all thorns fell on the ground
    I can't hide forever in here
    Your color on me has faded
    My feet start to bleed as I follow your lingering trace
    Yet I still run through this hollow maze
    That has withered….


    Your love thorns pierced right through me
    It hurts so much (too much) I cant endure
    Sorry I'm not strong without you (yeah)
    I have died inside so don't come back

    I become so breathless
    Why did you have to let go?
    This world is unbearable (without you)
    My heart that was pricked has fully bled out...

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    This is great i love itt
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