Rest In Peace, Sulli

Discussion in 'K-POP' started by STTRstan, Oct 14, 2019.

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    For the past two days, I couldn’t sleep and I felt sick and then I woke up today at 5AM to this terrible news. I’m so mad and furious, I want all of those people who spread rumors and hate towards her to be arrested or at least punished for their actions. Sulli passed away so young and so sudden. If you’ve seen her mini reality series you can see how much she’s been hurting inside because of those actions people did. I hate blaming but it is what it is. Why can’t people just be nice and speak nice things.. I hope she’s in a better place. This world is too much for her. I hope she’s resting well. I’m just I’m devastated.

    I hope this serves as a lesson to every fandoms out there. Stop the fanwars. I hope this should also served as a lesson to the korean media and how they cover up, and portray idols and artists on TV. Major broadcasting channels should stop their rival shows. Just be like before when it’s just full of reality show that showcases artists friendly side. No competition. No hate. No wars.

    Sulli was a strong woman for fighting and giving it her best when she was still with us. I can’t imagine how people that are closed to her must’ve been feeling right now, especially Taeyeon and Tiffany whom treated her like their child when she was a trainee and f(x) members whose been with her like a family. She’ll be forever missed. This news is soooo horrible and I still can’t believe it. I’m still in denial. I grew up watching SM groups and to see her follow Jonghyun hurts me like hell. All I could think of is that she’s not hurting anymore and that she’s in a better place where she would want to be instead. I hope you’re resting well, Jinri.
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    I just got home, and today started badly but was getting better and then I just find this...

    This is why I say people should always remember these idols are fucking humans too and don't have to be "professional" and "perfect" all the goddamn time..
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    I cannot believe this... I have no time for internet these days and I accidentally saw a post about this and I'm really heartbroken... She was such a beautiful person, inside and outside! I literally have no words..
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