Produce 101 - Zion T - YangHwa Bridge Guitar Cover

Discussion in 'The Studio' started by Shen030, Mar 13, 2016.

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    I don't usually follow idol group survival shows but I really enjoy some of the performances that the trainees have been showing. I especially love the cover for Zion. T's YangHwa Bridge. Some trainees are so talented!

    Here are the chords for the FULL version of the cover:
    Repeat these chords for the Intro/Verse/Chorus
    Dm7, G, Cadd9-C, A

    Geu dari wire + Sejeong's part before her high note
    Dm7, G, A, Bb

    Repeat these chords for the first change in pitch
    Fm, Bb, D#, C OR CAPO 3 - Dm7, G, Cadd9-C, A

    Repeat these chords for the second change in pitch
    Gm, C, F, G OR CAPO 5 - Dm7, G, Cadd9-C, A

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