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Do you think boy and girl groups should consult their members before making any kind of decision tha

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  1. Onewbunny

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    Feb 14, 2018
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    I read this article in PANN-CHOA:


    Jokwon who was in his glory days when Adam couple was famous for their good chemistry...

    They were both young, overflowing with charms and had a lovey dovey pseudo marriage.
    Even if they are pros, I wonder if they did not have a bit of feelings for each other


    "In that foreign place, we slowly adapted to each other"
    They went to film in Paris and they were eating together after shooting and said that they naturally adapted to each other

    But then, nothing else happened between them

    "Jokwon, why did you kick the straw mat at that time?"

    "I was thinking about so many things I've heard when I was young"


    "21 was the age of blooming"

    "I had lots of thoughts"

    "I'm an idol, I debuted after enduring it through so many years, I'm the team's leader! What about my fans?"

    At that young age, because he felt the responsibility towards his group, he refrained from dating despite wanting to date and being at that "age of blooming"

    Right now, the two of them have a good relationship and are good co-workers

    Here, Kim Nayoung and Im Seulong pranked Jokwon about them being in an actual relationship.
    They went as far as to tell him that they were gonna get married.
    He was so shocked by the news that when he went to the washrooms later, he fainted
    Nayoung who started to ask if they could become an "official couple"
    Jokwon: Please do this once we disband

    Jokwon: We have a group (to take care of)

    - The remaining 3 the members can't be punished because of 1 person
    - You really have to be careful

    Jokwon debuted after long years of training
    and he sees his responsibility towards his members' future.
    I think that you can really see his personality through these instances.

    post response:

    original post: here
    ㅇㅇ |2018.08.04 07:39 신고하기
    That's why idols need to train for a long time. Seriously, if they take thugs and only train them for 3 months to 1 year, they won't be able to see how precious their debut is and will think that fans' love is just something that they are entitled of. They want to make lots of money, be famous, date but don't want people to meddle with their personal lives
    ㅇㅇ |2018.08.04 03:21 신고하기
    His sense of responsibility is pretty impressive given his young age
    ㅇㅇ |2018.08.04 10:55 신고하기
    "The rest of the members can't be punished because of one person"... you can really see his values through that... He really has a team-oriented midset
    ㅇㅇ |2018.08.04 12:35 신고하기
    Jihyo also trained for a long time and you can see that her mindset is different. When they win #1, she's always the one crying her eyes out and you can see how happy she is when she's performing. Kids who have trained for a long time and who have been unpopular for a long time know how precious it is to get work. These people will never complain about the weight on their shoulders and about being tired.
    ㅇㅇ |2018.08.04 11:45 신고하기
    I didn't know that Jokwon was this good of a person because his kkap image was so strong back then... to be honest, when they were filming WGM, I really wondered if they had 0 feelings towards each other... but he said that he suffered so much in order to debut and that seeing his members who walked through the same hardship as him, he would've never been able to be a nuisance to them... he's f*cking cool
    ㅇ |2018.08.04 13:57 신고하기
    Even Park Jinyoung chose Jokwon as the idol he would want to pass down the company to ㅇ

    Original post Here: https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/08/enter-talk-at-this-point-jokwons.html

    Do you think boy and girl groups should consult their members before making any kind of decision that could affect the group even if is part of their personal life?

    Do they feel responsable of their members future? And base their decision on that?
  2. highlighterr

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    Jul 30, 2018
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    Obviously? They're a team: they need to be honest with their members, yeah because if one member goes down, it's very likely the whole group will go down with them. All their hard work down the drain. Sure, it's not fair and sure, dating shouldn't be considered scandalious but it is and sometimes something's gotta give.

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