Pentagon: The Greatest Wall (Rant)

Discussion in 'K-POP' started by topsyoxy, Jan 14, 2019.


Do you think Hyojong heard the song? And will Pentagon be fine?

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  5. E'dawn looks like a hippie

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  6. Pentagon's group name doesn't make sense

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  1. topsyoxy

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    They've gone through so much shit and yet their number 1 goal is to be on top and be the best idols they can be. That speaks fucking volume. I loved how they touched upon their behind the scene life, Hui even saying, "My waist hurts from sitting too long, even if it's uncomfortable to sleep, in the end, I should do it all," That line makes me so angry, Pentagon's dorm and a crap ton of other group's dorms are just in terrible condition, but the people in those situations keep smiling on and working harder and harder on and off stage. But there are some idols that are acting so ungrateful and don't really understand the struggle groups like pentagon have to go through, especially groups that don't come from the top 10 or had to make their company what it is now. I'm not trying to be like, "stand Pentagon," you should, but it would be astronomical if they got more recognition.

    This makes me wonder if Hyojong heard the song yet, it's sort of Pentagon's big F You to him. More specifically, While Kino is talking to Hui ( I think) he says, "I'm thankful for the people who are there with you," and," seems like my dreams are fading, let's go back to that time." I love Hyojong and his relationship with Hyuna, but what they did was really selfish and I wish more people who see it. Jinho, for example, was waiting to be an idol since his days at Sm, Yuto(da) and Yanan who left their country just to chase their dream, Hui had to be a third wheel for 2+ years, and some of them were big 3 trainees and thought they have it better at CUBE, but nope.

    This piece was genius, I felt so much after hearing it the first day it came out. I wish I made this sooner, but I didn't know how to put it in words and honestly, I still don't. Also, don't stream thier songs, just listen to them, like actually listen to them.

    Stop Sleeping On These QUEENS (yes, queens)

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