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    Hi everyone!

    I am a songwriter and producer, who has been chasing her dreams to pursue music in Asia. While I have gotten to work with so many awesome musicians since my journey started, I have also experienced so many downsides of the industry. It takes a very long time, you also do a lot of unrewarded work. I also have to say that the greatest songs I have heard, are sitting in the disk of the producers. While I am still open to do work for other Artists, right now I am pursuing youtube. One of the biggest fears of a musician is that the song they put so much time and work into, to only get 5 listeners or something. So I started my journey doing covers first and I am thinking of what I am doing as a service. People want to connect and listen to great music, they want to see interesting things and they want to see things that makes them feel something.

    Before the time comes, for officials I want to keep covering.

    But here I am teasing with an original I have worked on. The production is not finished yet and I will probably release several versions of it, with a music video.

    I thought you might like it, and every support will lead to a faster release. The first phase is about introducing myself to people and get some numbers, so the originals do not just get 5 views or so. A friend of mine actually said, that it would be a waste, to release it now and he doesn't want the song to go under in the ocean of the internet.

    So here it is, I really hope I can give people encouragement with the self. I actually cried and had to stop singing when I was recording this song. Its piercing through my heart.

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