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    No More Nightmares
    Yuta is alone in a dark room.
    Blood is running from his fingers, making small pools on the floor.
    He puts his hands together as if he wants to pray, but the blood keeps running.
    He sits down on the floor and starts sobbing, while covering his eyes with his bloody hands.
    When he puts his hands away, he sees a pair of legs wearing black jeans and blood red sneakers.
    He looks up and sees the face of his ex-boyfriend, Taeyong.
    He is wearing a black shirt that matches his jeans.
    Taeyong caresses Yuta's cheek, and is about to lean in for a kiss.
    Then he pauses and smirks at him.
    "As if I would ever kiss a disgusting looking person like you again." he says and slaps him across the face.
    Yuta falls to the side and watches Taeyong as he leaves him again.
    "No, Taeyong. Don't go." Yuta yells. "TAEYONG!"

    Yuta opens his eyes, realizing that it was just another nightmare.
    He feels the sweat on his forehead.
    He looks at his hands and they are bloodless.
    After the break up a week ago, he has had these nightmares.
    He looks at the alarm on the night table.
    6:44 AM.
    He doesn't feel like going to sleep again, so he gets up from his bed.
    He doesn't want another nightmare.
    So sick of nightmares.
    He walks to the closet and wonders what he should wear today.

    He sits in the kitchen eating cereal, while wearing a blue t-shirt, white jeans and blue socks.
    As he chews on the crunchy cereal, he thinks about what Taeyong said in that dream.
    Would he ever say something like this to him?
    Tell him that he looks disgusting?
    He did tell him that he was childish and boring that other day, but he never insulted his appearance.

    He puts on the white sneakers, he bought yesterday, and walks through the front door.

    He sits in the classroom, trying to focus on the math assignment, that he forgot to do yesterday.
    He tries to ignore Taeyong, who is bragging to his friends about the new guy, he started dating, called Chittaphon.
    He hopes that the new guy's heart won't break like his.

    The math teacher shows up.
    "Before we start the math class." the teacher. "I need to tell you that we have a transfer student. His name is Johnny Seo and he is from Chicago."
    A guy walks in.
    When Yuta looks at his face, his heart starts beating fast.
    "Hi, I'm Johnny." he says and smiles.
    That smile makes Yuta's cheeks turn pink.
    Then Johnny takes a seat at the empty table next to Yuta's.
    "Excuse me, but what is your name?" he asks Yuta.
    "Yuta." he responds shyly.
    "Yuta?" he repeats. "What a nice name."
    Hearing his voice makes his hands sweat.
    "I think Johnny is a nice name too."
    He looks into his brown eyes that are reflected by the lamps on the ceiling.
    "You think so?" Johnny asks and giggles. Then he looks through the classroom window. "I have heard that you have this wonderful amusement park and I would really like to visit it one day. Would you like to come with me to that amusement park?"
    "Yes, I would be glad to." Yuta says.
    "I hope that we will become good friends." Johnny says.

    Yuta can't concentrate in the math class, because he can't stop imagining himself holding Johnny's hand.

    At night, he is in bed, hoping that he won't get these bad nightmares again.
    These nightmares about Taeyong or blood.
    One night he even dreamt about being attacked by a screaming bird in a park.
    But he has to sleep.
    He closes his eyes, trying to think of good things, like Johnny.

    Yuta is at the amusement park.
    The sky is pink and the snow white clouds are tiny and shaped like hearts.
    He goes to sit down on a cloud white bench.
    Then he sees someone walk by, wearing a pink suit, and holding a stick of cotton candy that is as pink as his suit.
    He looks at the person's face and sees that it is Johnny.
    "Hi, do you want cotton candy?" he asks.
    "Yes, thank you." Yuta says.
    He takes a piece of the cotton candy and gives it to him.
    Then Johnny takes a seat on that bench.
    Yuta eats it, even though he thinks it doesn't taste like much.
    "Just like that cotton candy, I think you are sweet." he says.
    Yuta feels his face turning cotton candy pink from that comment.
    "I think you are sweet too." Yuta says and puts head on Johnny's shoulder.
    Then Johnny holds his hand.
    "I like you." Johnny tells him.

    Yuta opens his eyes and finds out that it was just a dream.
    He is smiling.
    He hopes that he is going to have more sweet dreams like these.
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    choi beomgyu’s #1 fangirl
    :sweatr: It sounds like an actual movie
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