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    No More Nightmares

    Yuta is looking through the window of the living room.
    The sun is shining, the sky is like blue and tiny, snow white clouds.
    A perfect day to go to the amusement park with Taeyong.

    He takes his smartphone that has a picture of both of them as his lock screen wallpaper.
    He smiles as he looks at the lock screen.

    He clicks on the name "my beloved Taeyong" and waits for him to pick his phone.
    Meanwhile he looks at the clouds outside.
    One of the clouds is shaped like a heart.
    "Hello" he hears Taeyong say.
    "Oh hi, I was just wondering if you would like to go to the amusement park with me today."
    "Uhhh..." he responds. "I'm sorry, but I'm too busy today."
    "Why?" Yuta asks.
    "I have so much to do today, so maybe another time. Bye." He says, ending the call.

    Yuta looks at his phone with a sad expression.
    "When is the weather going to be as good as this again?" he asks himself.
    Then he decides to go to a walk at a park instead.

    He is walking in the park, while wearing the red sneakers that Taeyong gave him as a birthday present.
    He listens to the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.

    Then he notices the backs of two guys sitting on a bench kissing.
    He wishes that he and Taeyong one day could sit together on that bench, doing the same thing.
    Then the guys stop kissing, and he notices that one of the guys looks familiar.
    The guy turns around and he sees that it is Taeyong.

    "Yuta." he says shocked.
    The other guy turns around too, and he sees that it is Kyungsoo.
    A guy, who goes to the same school as them.
    "Taeyong." Yuta says, feeling like his heart is about to tear apart. "Is this why you didn't go to the amusement with me?"
    "What is he talking about?" Kyungsoo asks.
    "Nothing for you to worry about, D.O." he says to his sunbae and then tells Yuta. "I'm sorry, Nakamoto, but I'm really busy right now."
    "Yeah, busy cheating on me."
    "Is he your boyfriend?" Kyungsoo says shocked.
    Then Taeyong smirks and laughs.
    "Okay, you got me." he says with a smile on his face. "Yes, I'm dating both of you. But that is because only dating one person is so freaking boring."
    Yuta can't believe his ears.
    "Do you think I'm boring?" he asks.
    "Yeah, you only invite me to amusement parks and stuff. Like are you freaking 5 or something?"
    "Are you calling me childish?"
    "Yup, grow up and invite me to coffee shops instead."
    Yuta feels the tears wanting to escape his eyes.
    "You know what?" Yuta says. "I will never invite you to a coffee shop because I'm breaking up with you."
    "What? Breaking up?" Taeyong asks with an angry expression.
    "Yeah, because you are a cheater." he says and runs away.
    Tears are running down from his eyes as he is running as far as possible from the two of them.
    "Why did he do this? Why?" he says to himself as he sobs.

    At night he is crying himself to sleep.

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