Ningling County Middle School Sex Scandal

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    On the evening of the 20th, Ningling County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province, there have been many indecent short films on the Chinese web, showing a pair of boys and girls performing sexual acts in bed. The local police said that the criminal investigation department had been involved in the investigation. Because the girl was underage in the incident, the boy was involved in rape.

    The students involved in the scandal were enrolled in Ningling County Junior High School. The local education bureau responded on Thursday (21st) that the short-term middle school students’ behavior took place during the Spring Festival holiday, in a bathing center outside the school. Some police officers revealed that they did not receive an alarm at the time of the incident. After the incident went viral, the public police team was involved in the investigation. If the woman in the short film is under 14 years old, the involved men will be treated as rape.

    After mainland media reporters searched online for "Henan Ningling" on Wednesday, there were a number of QQ chat groups that spread the short films. After entering the group, they found that the group was set to private mode, and new members were constantly joining.

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