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Discussion in 'The Studio' started by lia_f_jung, Nov 13, 2019.

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    Please be kind, I'm not a professional
    I state that I am not an animator, I am not able to create a real animated video. What I made is not a cartoon, just some frames taken from the video (184 precisely ). You can't even imagine how challenging it was to make them, despite being so simple (I know, I know there's no resemblance sometimes ). I really hope you enjoy the video.
    I think I have never worked so hard on a cover, and in such a short time. There's no need to repeat for the umpteenth time that rapping is quite difficult for me. I don't think I've ever rapped so fast in my life XD (I swear, it's me rapping so fast, I haven't mixed anything). I hope you really appreciate the immense effort I made. I also had to raise the base of a tone xD
    I would really be grateful if you shared this video anywhere, obviously crediting me ❤
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