Necronomidol competing to go to Japan Expo in Paris!!

Discussion in 'J-POP' started by mkusa, Apr 14, 2016.

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    They are doing well. Like them or not....there is absolutely nothing cookie-cutter about this group. I hope they make it!

    (There is something about Sari...can't put my finger on it....something about an artist that would go to the extreme of putting on that makup everyday...that's gotta suck........dedication to the huge props)

    From their Facebook page:

    NECRONOMIDOL is currently in the Tokyo Candoll competition for a spot to perform at Japan Expo in Paris this July! We placed first in the semi-semi-finals last week and have uploaded a video of the show - give it a look!

    We'll be competing in the semi-finals next week on the 21st! We appreciate all the kind encouragement from our fans all around the world - please keep pushing for us to come to Japan Expo!!!
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