My MOTS: Persona Review + My 400th post!

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What's your favorite track(s)?

  1. Persona

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  2. Boy With Luv

    4 vote(s)
  3. Mikrokosmos

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  4. Make it Right

    4 vote(s)
  5. HOME

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  6. Jamais Vu

    4 vote(s)
  7. Dionysus

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  1. Irelda_

    Irelda_ Super Rookie

    Nov 22, 2017
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    Thinking about Jungkook...
    Breaking Records Department @BigHit
    I wanted to save my 400th for something special and what's more special than my fav's comeback? ^-^

    So, I listened to the album 3 times so far (and I will listen to it as I go through each song to rank them), and I already developed an opinion about the songs in this album.
    DISCLAIMER: All of the things I going to say are based on my opinion and experience while listening to it. If you have a different opinion, you can comment about it :> Let's get started!

    TRACK 1: Persona
    Rank: 9/10
    When the trailer came out, I kept replying it because I was so amazed by Namjoon's rap. The lyrics are so beautiful. I couldn't get out the chorus out of my head when I heard it >< I didn't give it the full 10/10 only because I don't really listen to rap, but THE VIBE is sooo addicting! I love that Joon decided to sample their old intro. It gave me a deja vu feel.

    TRACK 2: Boy With Luv (ft. Halsey)
    Rank: 11/10
    THIS TITLE TRACK IS PERFECT OMG! It may be my favorite title track now. From start to finish, I loved it! In the beginning when Jimin sang, I couldn't help but smile >< The flow of the song is just amazing. I loved Halsey's voice. It paired so well with the feeling of the song. THE CHORUS THE CHORUS THE CHORUS!!! I can't get it out of my head. I loved every single member's part. I listened to the Spotify version too and it's just as good as the MV ver.
    About the MV, it goes well with the song vibe and message. It's not my fav, but I will stream it of course :p

    TRACK 3: Mikrokosmos
    Rank: 9.5/10
    Okay but I was NOT expecting this from BTS. I LOVE THE INSTRUMENTAL! I sounds like something that would be on the soundtrack of Brave (the Disney movie) hehe. The chorus is beautiful. Man their voices sound beautiful. Is that a guitar or violin staccato playing in the background? The ending part is just so pleasing to hear and feels like it sound be the ending.

    TRACK 4: Make it Right
    Rank: 8/10
    Well then...Ed Sheeran did what he had to do. Whatever that instrument or synth throughout the song *sigh* I love it. Their voices are so soothing and attractive in this song >< I'm not a huge fan of the chorus but I do like it. This is my least favorite track, but it is good. There wasn't a lot of variety for the chorus, but that's okay. I don't mind.

    Rank: 10/10
    Spanish speaking ARMY got another win! I'm Mexican American :>
    That intro! Jimin's voice is so addicting this album :angryr: The way they slide up at the end of the notes in the prechorus got me feeling some way >< The chorus is amazing of course and I was taken aback when I heard "Mi Casa" I was like "S-spanish? :whatk:" One small part of the chorus reminded me of another song in kpop but idk which one. THE RAP UGHHHH SO GOOD! I love the harmonies under the vocals. WOOOOOOO THE OUTRO PART ㅠㅠ This is definitely one of my favorites.

    TRACK 6: Jamais Vu
    Rank: 10/10
    I have this tradition since Tear came out to choose my favorite song based off the tracklist other than the title track. So far, I have chosen Love Maze in Tear and Seesaw in Answer, and they were my favorites from those albums. I chose this track as my fav for MOTS and I have chosen right once more :excitedr:
    This song is just so different. I felt I guess sadness in the beginning and then relived in the chorus and the rest of the song. The verse into the chorus cut off was so weird, but it worked. That elongated bass (?) during Hoseok's verse sounded so weird but went well with it. I'm glad they left it for only that part. In the last chorus, I liked that they added vocals different from the repeated chorus. Slow/ballad type songs are my thing, so that influenced me liking this track.
    There are a lot of weird parts in this song, but I REALLY love how it sounds.

    TRACK 7: Dionysus
    Rank: 9/10

    Rock isn't my thing, so I didn't give it the full 10/10.
    But, it slaps and hard. When I saw that they were going to do a rock song, I didn't thing ROCK rock. The rap goes so well with the beat. I love the PRECHORUS WITH THOSE DRUMS AND THE CHORUS OH MY! It's so crunchy (idk haha) like it's heavy with instruments but I enjoy it! When the beat changed for Yoongi's part :siptear: I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO GO DOUBLE TIME FOR THE LAST CHORUS (Namjoon's "Are you ready to get hyped up?" was so cute haha) AND JIN'S HIGH NOTE WOW
    I still don't like rock but this song :sweatr:

    Album rank (Average of all track ranks): 9.5
    Favorite song: Boy With Luv
    Favorite b-sides: HOME and Jamais Vu
    Least favorite: Make it Right

    Final comments: This is my favorite 2019 release by far! I was not disappointed. There are no skips at all. I think it's my favorite BTS album after Young Forever. I was surprised by a lot of these tracks (in a good way). I will definitely be listening to it on repeat. They surpassed my expectations. I want to thank all the people that helped BTS make these amazing tracks. What do you think about the album?
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  2. Sameera96

    Sameera96 Star

    Nov 7, 2018
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    Agree with most of this.

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