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    My Friend

    The sun is shining brightly and being as hot as an oven.
    Felix is standing outside of Bang Chan's house.
    His heart is beating out of nervousness.
    He wants to tell him about his feelings for him.

    He starts thinking about that day when they were eating potato chips while watching an action movie together at Chan's house.
    At one moment when the main lead was talking to his love interest, Felix looked at Chan's hand that was holding a chip.
    His cheeks started turning warm as he was admiring his hand and wanted to hold it.
    And his heart was beating faster.
    Then Chan put the chip inside his mouth and started chewing it.
    Felix stared at his thick lips.
    His back shivered from the crunchy sound of the potato chip.
    He stared into Chan's eyes, admiring them.
    Then Chan looked into his eyes.
    "Why are you staring at me?" Chan asked. "Is there something on my face?"
    He felt the urge to tell him that there is beauty on his face, but instead he answered. "No, mate." and avoided eye contact with him and continued watching the movie.
    "What a nice movie, right?" Chan said.
    "I agree." he said.
    Felix's cheeks had turned pink.
    He suddenly wanted to become more than friends with him.

    He wonders how he should confess.
    Bang Chan opens the door.
    "G'day, bro." Chan says with a smile on his face.
    "Do you want to watch a movie?"
    "No thanks." Felix responds. "I'm here because I want to tell you something."
    "What is it?"
    "Well..." he says, while staring nervously at the ground. Then he looks into his eyes. "I want to become more than friends with you."
    "Oh, me too." Chan says with a smirk.
    Felix's cheeks turn as pink as strawberry ice cream. "Really?"
    "Yes, let's become best friends." he says and gives him a hug.
    His eyes widen and he doesn't know what respond.
    "Best friends." Felix repeats. "That's exactly what I want both of us to be."
    He tries to hold back his tears and to hide the fact that his heart has just been broken.
    He wonders when he should tell him that he has romantic feelings for him.

    The End
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    hahahaha oop friend zone welp atleast they more than friends somehow
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