My Favorite BtoB performances (Sharing some taste)

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    Big time underappreciation for BtoB and their performances, I am sharing and gifting the gift of BtoB to you guys. Thanks aren't necessary, but they are recommended.

    Cold on Sugarman 2

    My Love on Immortal Songs 2

    It's Okay at 2015 MBC

    Beautiful + Woman by BigMama on Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook

    Someday from their last concert before enlistment BtoB Time (This is US)

    I'll be your Man on MCountDown

    You're the best by Mamamoo on Music Core

    Missing you at 2017 MBC gayo

    Some solo stuff

    Eunkwang - Tears by Flower on Masked Singer (starts at 10:19)

    Eunkwang - Already to me by Lim Chang-Jung on Masked Singer

    Eunkwang - You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

    Hyunsik - Swimming at BtoB concert 2017

    Changsub - Beautiful by Crush on Duet Song Festival

    Changsub - A Shot of Soju on Duet Song Festival

    There's plenty more from either Immortal songs, Duet song festival, Masked singer or live performances, but odds are most of you aren't even going to watch all or any of these and those who do will look for more performances on their own

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