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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Jk996, Jan 3, 2021.

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    I am sorry for bothering you with this, but I want to ask you "officially" few stuffs about the revamp. Noone has an idea what is going on and everyone is wondering about it, but they are scared to ask. I think that it is better to ask you directly than to listen rumors.
    1) Can you tell us approximately when the revamp will happen?
    2) This is more suggestion and the wish of users than a question. Most of us would really like to have tech and event team after the revamp. Features in those sections are important to users. "Aesthetics" (badges, borders, username stuffs....) are 1 of the most popular things among AKP users and something about which most of them care. Those things make us to be more active too bc you cant "buy" anything if you arent active. Also, AKP has the most users online during the events and games. Most people plan to leave if there wont be some "creative" things on forum anymore. It is good for you too, I think.
    Is there possibility to have it after the revamp?
    3) Pls, make the dark mode. The most people use it while they are online.
    Thanks :)
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